Thursday, October 28th, 2004

Guest: Jimmy Eat World

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Zach Lind & Rick Burch

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  1. mont3818

    Drew gives out the names of all the bands that have been there throughout the years, pre-Adam. Pretty nostalgic. Drew (and Adam) talk(s) about Loveline in the 80s and how there should be a movie about it, and about how K-Rock was the mecca for new wave music in the 80s. I would have liked to hear what some of those early shows were like with some of the names he gave.

  2. DanteVen

    great energy given to tonights germany or florida, the guests get really into it and suggest a bet. ends up with about $20 in the pot, guests go florida, the guys go germany. visiting vrs home team. Freakin hilarious overall.

  3. pastahero

    Anderson is clearly playing the ranchero music from another radio station, but he can’t say that, so he says “the band.” It was really annoying that Adam and Drew couldn’t figure that out.

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    Kyle, M, 18, Glendora

    Kyle wants chelsea. Chelsea comes to the show. They were in a long relationship and she is confused 17 year old girl. GREAT CALL.

    cheating/adultery/infidelity codependency dating friendship repetition compulsion


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