Wednesday, October 27th, 2004

Guest: Cary Elwes & Leigh Whannell

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

From the movie Saw

These guys are great guests, they both did impressions, told stories and had a great vibe with Adam and Drew. Topics brought up: Australians, Weird Fetishes, Civil War Re-eneactments, etc.

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  1. bigz1991

    Two guests you don’t expect much from after hearing who they are, but they end up being spectacular.

    Wish they had come on before or after this appearance. We need more of them!

  2. ct

    Excellent show. I enjoy Cary’s films but never would have guessed that he was this funny and entertaining. Love his many impressions. Leigh was a great guest as well. As others have said, it’s certainly one of the better multi-guest episodes of all time. No super memorable calls, but Adam and the guests make up for that and then some. Easily 5/5.

  3. pastahero

    Interesting aside: When talking about horror movies, Leigh says he doesn’t like haunted-house films because his first thought is, “Why don’t they just move?” Several years later he made “Insidious,” where the characters do just that…and it doesn’t work. The movie creeped me out; I recommend it.

  4. Jamesturkey

    The beach ball call is one of the best I’ve ever heard. The impression of the man explaining the origin of the fetish is absolutely hysterical. “I like it when a beach ball is popped.”

  5. hajisquickvanish

    In the beginning of the episode, Adam mocks the usual type of guests that are comatose, don’t speak into the mic or say anything. He said this as a compliment to these two guys since they were interesting to Adam.

    Specifically, he jokingly ranted how the bassist from Slipknot (again, just a random example of the top of his head) and said that his heart stopped so Drew had to resuscitate him back to life.

    Slipknot’s bassist, Paul Gray, ended up dying from an overdose and early signs of heart disease in 2010.

    Crazy to hear these episodes from the past when you know what happened to some of these people or references 10 years later.

  6. evilfabio

    Great episode. One of the best. But Whannell does the BBC Reporter and the impression of the fetish beach ball popper (which is a variation on his BBC Reporter), not Elwes (who does Michael Caine).

    “It started on a nice, summer afternoon…. when a beach ball headed my way… and it BURST overhead… and AT THE SAME TIME! I FOUND MYSELF! ABSOLUTELY!!!! EJACULATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Whannell also does his BBC Reporter “Once again the fruit of peace? Has become the jam of war.” on the SAW DVD commentary with just him and director James Wan. On the uncut SAW DVD, it’s Whannell, Wan and Elwes, and Elwes does his Michael Caine and a mean Marlon Brando impression. Both commentaries are worth a listen if you’re a fan of this Loveline ep.

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