Tuesday, September 28th, 2004

Guest: Seth MacFarlane

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

From the TV show Family Guy

Seth MacFarlane's triumphant return to loveline after a four year absence, great great episode.

During this episode Adam has Seth retell his 9/11 story in great detail in fact it is the best version I have ever heard him tell.

also features a long breakdown of the various horrible cartoons churned out by Hanna Barbara.

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  1. Landlubber

    An escort calls in.

    Adam: “How much for intercourse?”

    Caller: “$200 plus tip.”

    Seth: “That’s a good deal.”

    Adam: “$200 plus tip. And what kind of tip, 15-20%? And on parties larger than 6 do actually just add a 15% gratuity automatically?”

    This gets Adam talking about the HBO documentary Hookers on the Pointe, where they mic up the hookers and film their rendezvous with various Johns.

    Adam: “Chick comes in and it’s like ‘hey you fine baby, how much for a BJ?’ and she’s like ‘twelve dollas!’ and the guy says ‘oof baby, I’m not one of the Rockefellers, you’re gonna have to do me better than that.'”

    Seth: “Hahahahaha”

    Adam: “And I’m just screaming at my TV, like come on %15 for intercourse, $20 for anal, $22 you get anal AND you get to kill her and you’re haggling?”

  2. Landlubber

    Shouldn’t have clicked add comment so quickly. During the escort call, she asks why a woman who sleeps with a bunch of men is a whore, but a man who sleeps with a bunch of girls is a stud.

    Drew wins my mother f’n heart by saying what I’ve been saying for years, which is that the double standard she’s referring to is perpetuated by WOMEN, not men. Do men slut shame? Yes. But by far the biggest enemy of the sexually liberated woman is her sister in womanhood. Men have made it quite clear what our goal is, while women turn casual sex into an international incident. Therefore, when a woman gives in to a primal desire that is tantamount to satiating her hunger by getting a Big Mac, she is a big slut. Men, as Drew says, make note of the double standard, and then quickly get over it and screw and/or date and/or marry the woman. Women are not so forgiving. They take any opportunity they can get to brand one of their fellow women with the scarlet letter, if for no other reason than it makes them feel better about themselves. Screw on ladies. We’re behind you. Sometimes literally if you follow.

    Some kid calls in and says his favorite episode is the Y2K episode because the chicken/Peter fight is classic. Seth teases that the chicken may not be dead. And man he wasn’t joking. They’ve done the chicken fight a bunch of times in the years since the original.

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