Tuesday, August 24th, 2004

Guest: Lisa Loeb

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. Landlubber

    A woman calls in asking if she can contract an STD from getting a bikini wax because the woman is dipping the stick into the same vat of wax over and over again. They conclude that the wax is too hot to allow any bacteria like that to survive.

    This leads Adam to claim that all bikini waxers must either be Asian or morbidly obese because if someone is going to do something that intimate, they can’t be someone you consider to be a person. They must be someone you wouldn’t count as a person if you saw them on the street, hence Asians and fat people. lol. Lisa Loeb disagrees wholeheartedly and says her girl is Polish. Adam says that counts.

    Drew says that Adam has a legitimate point because for something that intimate there is a human desire to have some sort of separation from that person. This leads Lisa to discuss having to change gynecologists because he was too chatty and familiar with her.

    Adam: “You don’t want the guy with the sleeve rolled up fishing around up there going ‘heard the demo tape, ‘sgreat, blew me away.'”

    Lisa says she wants to go on Crank Yankers because she had a group of friends when she was younger who would get together and make prank calls. The guys say “yeah cuz some guy put you up to it” as they often theorize, and she dispels this notion. They often claim that girls don’t have the prank call gene, but she says it was her and her girlfriends who would do them.

    Lisa was an awesome guest.

  2. panaqua

    I really believe Michelle, the aspiring songwriter/singer was faking not being able to hear the show. So she calls back, then pretends not to hear. Adam called this one right. Must have had crazy nerves, but jeez, kind of sad the way she went out.

  3. gammafighter

    At 43:50, there’s a question for the guest and Adam and Drew make two great digs on her that had me rolling.
    Caller: Well my question is um, Lisa, how ya know like when you first started out ya know like, how did it make you feel? Ya know like, it made you feel- it had to have made you feel so good.
    Adam: Journalism major
    Lisa: It did. Ya know what? I was about your age when I first heard my song on the radio for the first time
    Drew: She’s 24.

    Drew might be referencing the age because Lisa had referenced it, but after Adam’s comment, I heard it as though Drew were pointing out that the way she presented her question sounded like a five year old. Either way, I was laughing so hard I was tearing up.

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