Monday, August 23rd, 2004

Guest: no guest

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Ummmm kid, Print shop Eric calls in with Adam impersonation

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  1. Justin

    Adam has a great ACLU Rant, hilarious!
    Weird night with the callers as well got alot of tards

    Caller @ 56:56
    Adam: Kids born in ’87 talking about corn-holing.
    Drew: What were you doing in ’87?
    Adam: Talking about corn-holing

  2. Dain

    Discussion of the Hitler mustache around 00:25:00. Michael Jordan’s sporting of the same ‘stache is discussed on Jay Mohr’s podcast, which, by the way is a great podcast in the same vein as Carolla’s.

  3. blorgus

    Adam’s opening rant about getting ‘kickbacks’ from Drew’s solo speaking tours while he’s having to ‘hold down the fort’ is a genuine complaint, and one of the reasons he ended up leaving the show.

  4. Landlubber

    Eric calls in at 1 hour and 21 minutes with the most epic impression of Adam ever laid on tape. The guys get really into it and laugh all the way through.

    Then Eric says he’s a carpenter and that Adam won’t be able to stump him with a question. He only does this to set up interrupting Adam with more impressions of him as he’s trying to ask the carpentry question. They ask him finally if he’s actually a carpenter and he replies “hell no!” It’s classic.

    Then he brings it with a great Germany or Florida that stumps the guys. He says there’s a great twist to the story and the guys ask what it is. To sum up one of the greatest calls ever made, Eric caps it off by saying the twist to the story is that the guy had an asshole the size of a mason jar.

    Perfect score for this guy.

  5. knucklhd

    Ha Ha yeah Kevlar, “dr. drew is a board certified physician, most women don’t have orgasms with intercourse, and those who do have orgasms don’t usually ‘come online’ until about 19 or 20. Droppin trouuuuuuu!!!!”

  6. Landlubber

    Adam and Drew discuss Hitler’s mustache — a topic apparently touched on by Adam and Dr. Bruce the night before — and specifically about how in that crazy Nazi world of uniformity, not even ONE of Hitler’s kiss ass soldiers or any of the German citizens at his speeches had the balls to sport that stupid mustache. Adam says he’s watched more hours of WWII footage than everyone at the Nuremberg Trials combined, and out of the countless thousands of Nazi soldiers, he never saw one with the Hitler stache….until LAST NIGHT! He saw one guy roll by on a half-track and had to rewind it a hundred times to make sure it wasn’t just a moth stuck to the guy’s lip. Drew says there are certain looks that are so terrible that no amount of exposure can overcome it. He uses Don King’s hair as an example.

    Adam says Lisa Loeb is the guest tomorrow night, and she’s his type of woman, and not the Pam Anderson type that everyone would assume he goes for. He says Drew hit the nail on the head by describing Pam Anderson as a “female female impersonator.” I’ve never heard that term before but it’s a perfect description for these over worked on, balloon-titted women with collagen-injected lips and Barbie proportions.

    Hilarious call from a kid who has a 1-inch penis. He’s 5’9″ and weighs 230lbs. They ask about his lifestyle choices, like his diet and other things, and Drew just keeps getting more and more frustrated with him. They ask what he eats for breakfast and he says nothing because he doesn’t wake up early enough to eat breakfast. Adam says he doesn’t care if he wakes up at 8pm and eats a bunch of chili, that’s breakfast if it’s the first meal of the day. Drew says when you’re as overweight as he is, your body starts producing estrogen, and if he loses the weight, that will help the penis situation. The kid says “oh well I’m taking estrogen blockers.” Drew is incensed by this because it turns out he’s getting them from his pharmacist roommate who only has them because he used to take steroids. Drew asks what the medicine is called and the kid says “I have no idea, it’s all in Spanish.” haha. Adam laughs his ass off and Drew has had enough at this point.

    Drew: “DO NOT take that medicine Bill! Jesus Christ!”

    Adam senses that this is a lost cause and leaves Bill with this advice:

    Adam: “Look, not everybody is gonna be running a Fortune 500 company. Just don’t kill anyone alright?”

  7. tonywolfe

    Easily one of the funniest shows ever. The ummmm shtick made me choke on my saliva today at work because of how incredibly hard I was laughing. Callers were dumb. I don’t think it was brilliant all the way through, but that moment, along with print shop Eric makes this one of my favorites ever. I’ve listened to this one a few times. The print shop Eric bit has to be one of the great moments of the history of the show.

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    Mitch, M, 17, N/A

    Wants to have anal sex with his girlfriend. Continuously begins his sentences with "Ummmm"; Adam and Dr. Drew make fun of the kid.

    anal sex


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    Eric, M, ?

    does an ‘impression’ (more like a 3 minute mockery) of Adam that has Adam and Dr. Drew snorting.

    Print Shop Eric


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