Sunday, August 8th, 2004

Guest: Dax Shepard & Seth Green

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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From the movie Without a Paddle

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  1. blorgus

    Extremely solid. Adam is always steps it up when there’s a guest he sort of has to spar with comedically, and these two are good on their own. All three are great together!

  2. rlfstr

    Came to listen again after seeing the new comedy movie “Chips” that’s written & directed by Dax Shepard (he also stars in it). It’s based on that old TV show, which Dax actually brings up in this episode. Also in the “Chips” movie there’s some talk about sexual abuse, opiate addiction, couples therapy and stuff, so it reminded me of the calls on Loveline a little. Interestingly, Dax himself was molested as a kid and is a recovering addict. If my calculations are correct, he got sober three weeks after appearing on this show!

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