Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004

Guest: Art Alexakis

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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From the band Everclear

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  1. pastahero

    One of those episodes where you really have to feel for Adam. One of the calls inspires him to come up with a TV show called “The Spotter” and he works out the story beats in real time. Drew keeps chiming in with ideas or comments and they are ALL bad.

    Later in the show Print Shop Eric calls in, but this is before he becomes “Print Shop Eric.” Here he’s just caller Eric, disagreeing with Adam on the subject of car backfires.

  2. dzibel1

    I wish the buckwheat the dog story (and the a hole boss) had made an appearance in The Hammer. Adam paints such a good picture describing it I can’t help but think it would have translated to fell very well.

  3. vagitarian

    Art is very insightful and open about his troubled past. He touches on his addiction and his high school girlfriend committing suicide here.

    One of the all-time great Loveline guests. I believe he even had Adam & Drew at his wedding.

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