Thursday, January 29th, 2004

Guest: no guest

Host: Dr. Drew, David Alan Grier

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  1. KevlarMoneyclips

    I can’t stand the people who call in and don’t respect DAGARONI. Especially the cooz who acts like she’s entitled to an orgasm whenever she wants it. Listen to the show ONE TIME and you won’t have to call in about your twinky hole.

  2. blackjackdavey

    i know that DAG is guest host here, but this shouldn’t be categorized as “NO GUEST”. because other DAG shows would list all of his other appearances, here none of the other shows are linked…

  3. DanteVen

    Great show.
    DAG could rightly be placed as unofficial cohost of loveline based on his performance on this episode. He delivers fantastic energy and hilarious one-liners here.

    About 20 minutes in, DAG simulates his signature throw up SFX and incorporates it into a response for the call brilliantly. Funny start for the call but it delves into a dark past for the caller whom apparently was forced to eat her feces.

    Drew says he would have rather made the title of book Cracked to “F’d Up” this leads them to make a joke about Adam, Anderson states the obvious, the pair rag on him for it.

    Drew starts to talk about the Antier Cingulate Gyrus, DAG pretends to snore through his explnation, then a caller asks if DAG could sing Tie A Yellow Ribbon from the movie he was in Amazon Women On The Moon, DAG obliges.

    Overall they make 34 calls breaking the loveline record, tons of laughs, and great fun. Loveline needs more DAG.

  4. rlfstr

    As much as I adore Loveline, Adam’s nasal rambling gets on my nerves sometimes, so hearing those Drew solo shows (well, this one isn’t totally solo) are a nice change of pace. Haven’t really figured out whether I enjoy DAG or not but he can be pretty darn hilarious.

  5. OscarMilde

    Well DAG has only been on TV for 30 years, so take your time deciding if you like him or not and be sure to let us know what you decide! I personally can’t wait to see if you approve or not. Keep us posted!

  6. Ironblood

    Because we are mighty spacemen of the future we can look back and see things that were not obvious then. Drews act and demeanor is very similar to how he acts in the post Adam era and even today. You hear a huge surge of confidence that he usually doesn’t have most episodes. I doubt he would admit this or even realizes this but I imagine he prefers doing the show without Adam…. but that’s just my 2 cents. Also DAGS cool.

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