Tuesday, January 6th, 2004

Guest: Jeremy McGrath

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

4.26 (47 votes)

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Promoting the book Wide Open: A Life in Supercross

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  1. pastahero

    Hilarious call from extremely drunk caller Marcus. At one point Adam & Drew put him on the line with previously drunk second-time caller Rusty. Later on they want Marcus to imitate some classic drops, with mixed results. Great stuff.

  2. reivax

    Jeremy is a good guest, but the majority of the hilarity of this show comes from drunken caller, Marcus, and to a lesser extent, awkward caller, Rusty. Marcus is present through most of the show, as Adam has clearly taken a liking to him. Many laugh out loud moments.

  3. inFRUITthe

    Novelty drunk guy at minute 40. Adam wants to keep him in a perfect equilibrium of drunk and Marcus plays along. Classic. They even get another previous caller named Rusty to give him some advice – time for dueling crazy callers. Complete with banjo music!!! Marcus also rips on Adam for drinking wine and for his wife being hot yet working in an office. “I AM SMOKIN’! I AM DRINKIN’! I AM WHITE TRASH TO THE FULLEST!”

    Marcus calls back at the end of the show and they try to get him to recreate drops which he fails horribly at. Long live Marcus!

  4. unclepenny

    Old review ported over from Lovelinecentral thanks to user hardtimes99:

    This is a great great show with Moto Cross Legend Jeremy McGrath. Great listen for bike and non bikers alike. Jeremy is a great guest, very present and tries to be funny without being annoying. Him and adam get along great.
    Great discussion about the uncanny fact that the majority of sports hall of fames are located in Ohio This call features one of my all time favorite calls…MARCUS who works in the USA Today Mailroom. He calls in after a long day of drinking. Adam wants Marcus to keep his strong buzz on without going over the top nor sobering up…. he has him take a swig about every 13-15 seconds “no one sells a swing like marcus” Dr. Drew is all shaken up about Markus…hahaha They check back in with Marcus throughout the show. He only gets better….

    This episodes also includes a call back from Rusty from Ohio. “Dont all guys named Rusty have redhair” — adam (so true) Rusty Is calling to thank “Dr. Adam” for setting him straight. He got a job at home depot, and is starting his life over. Anderson comes up with the idea for Rusty to tell Marcus not to drink. ……… Rusty and Marcus have a talk….So damn funny.
    Later on Marcus attempts to repeat famous Loveline Drops. ….hilarious All around great great episdoe person fav. ill rate this a 10.

  5. pastahero

    Speaking of repeat callers, “Silk” was one of the most useless ever. Whoever the guest was, he managed to get on the air just to ask the ultra-boring “How did you get started doing [fill in the blank]?” Nice work by the screeners.

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