Tuesday, October 28th, 2003

Guest: Jason Bateman & Will Arnett

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

From the TV show Arrested Development

Jason and Will are appearing before Arrested Development has even aired, Jason goes off on a little tangent regarding FOX's other series premiers for 2003 and how they have not done so great out of the gate, in particular the series Skin he attempts to connect it to his high hopes for AD in a roundabout way.

Jason Explains the basic premise of Arrested Development and Adam brings up Jason's father in law Paul Anka, Adam has all kinds of questions about Paul's finances and what music he is famous for.

This show is the origin of the Hack Bit and several of the Hack drops.

Will's voice acting career is discussed and his work for GM.

Adam "..yeah plastic surgery and brown nosing.."

Jason discusses his work in Starsky and Hutch and what the tone of the film is.

Adam tells the story of when he let his friends roll him up in a giant carpet and how they started beating him in an effort to explain his "I'm Serious" yell and how it works in any situation.

Jason and Will make a real effort to be a part of the show and interact with the callers, they also make a very strong effort to be funny and entertaining throughout the show.

Meth addict Josh freaks out Jason and Will with his angry attitude, Adam remarks that Josh is a horrible name for a speed addict.

Adam "..oh you forgot the kills himslelf by driving his mom's lebaron over a cliff.."

Will "..WHOA"

Adam inquires to the price of a gram of coke and an 8ball, Josh is not able to properly give Adam the proper weight of an 8ball, oddly most drug addict callers get this wrong.

Jason and Will love Adam's humor and are laughing throughout the show.

Will "...I think I read somewhere or maybe I just made this up...."

Drew explains how Meth addicts react to sobriety.

Caller Shelly's phone cuts out and Jason comments "she's obviously with Cingular"

Adam "She's a virgin who wants to know if there is anyway to stretch her vagina out before sex.."

Jason "I can take that one in the back"

Adam brings up explosive hymen's and fuse tampons which leads to Adam giving his list of novelty tampon strings, Rat's tail, Lamp pull etc.

Adam brings up novelty inflatable raft humor.

Adam brings up Will's wife Amy Poehler and how talented he thinks she is and how much he enjoys her on SNL.

Adam brings up how he spent a lot of time threading things and trying to force drawstrings back into clothing and how he no longer seems to have to do this.

Adam invents the Jizz colander and they all try and figure out how it would work.

Adam "..she's on the Atkin's...Jackin's"

Adam brings up an invention he heard about that allows you to use your pool to put out fires with pressurized water.

Adam "...you know your last moments in life would be trying to get the mower engine started and it's like pphhtf, phhhtf..."


Adam then goes off on Skymall and the Life Hammer and how it would be in his trunk.

Will wants to know when it's ok to read the Skymall on the plane and not look like a loser.

Will discusses his recent marriage to Amy and how they commute between L.A. and NY.

Will recites the new GMC ad and discusses how he used to do CBS promos for touched by an angel and other series on at the same time, this leads into Hack.

(Prepare yourself for hilarity)

Will "In order to reach these kids....

Will "...touched by an uncle"

Will "To catch an international jewel thief...

Will "...I'd like it if you became like the head writer on hack and then they kept throwing their hands up and their like, Why every week does Hack become a rapist.."

Will does the Saturday morning animated Hack series V/O.

Canada's school system is brought up an discussed by Will.

A woman calls with an Anal Sex related call.

Adam "...I just want to bent over something and Cornholed.."

(Jason and Will "hahahahahaha")

Adam "..it's the fecal matter vs. the sperm, that's a battle there.."

A young male caller has a question about his mangled penis, Adam proclaims his call bogus and then he describes a paintball Co2 container blowing up in his lap(classic horrendous call)

Will "...in order for Amber's boyfriend to come back she's going to have to become a rapist"

A late in the show double round of Germany or Florida.

Caller Anthony wants to know if Adam remembers his sister, a waitress who served Adam and Jimmy.

Adam "..yeah I do on the warf..yeah I remember her, Jimmy and I teamed her in the hotel.."

Anthony "WHHAAA!!"

Will "DP TIME"

WILL "They have to become rapists"

Will "To catch a terrorist...."

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  1. Landlubber

    Great guests. Especially Will. The Hack rapist drops are classic Loveline. Don’t know why these guys never came back on the show. It’s not like AD couldn’t of used the publicity.

    But it shall return.

  2. VegasRob

    One interesting observation from this show – I don’t think Jason Bateman had much of a stretch playing Michael Bluth, they’re basically the same dude.

    This episode had me in tears laughing so hard. Love the ‘Hack’ voice over from Will. Arrested Development is the funniest comedy series ever. So stoked for the Netflix episodes!!!

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    Natalie, F, 20

    Is a sadomasochist, is this normal?



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    Josh, M, 22

    Josh is a meth user who's having trouble achieving orgasm. We learn he's also using pot & cocaine.

    addiction cocaine/crack marijuana/pot/weed methamphetamine/meth/speed orgasm difficulties


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    Cara, F, 20

    Cara wants to know if whipped cream can render spermicidal foam ineffective.

    birth control


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    Kimberly, F, 18

    Caller wants to know if she can get pregnant from anal sex...pretty hilarious once Adam finds out that the position she was in was on top.


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