Monday, October 6th, 2003

Guest: Jimmy Kimmel

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

From the movie Windy City Heat

NIght of Sigfried & Roy incident.

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  1. inFRUITthe

    Jimmy is like half an hour late. Also – I believe Montecore attacked the night before this show. There was a great series about when pets attack on E! or Animal Planet or something and about 4 of them were dedicated to big cats – those things are no joke.

  2. Landlubber

    Jimmy teases an Adam story that will shock and disgust everyone. Drew wants him to tell it but Jimmy says for the ratings, he’s gonna hold off for a while. When he finally tells it, it doesn’t disappoint. Apparently Adam doesn’t just pee in the sink, he’s also so lazy that he craps in the shower and mashes it down the drain with his heel and toe. Adam says to be fair, he’s done it more than once but far less than 500 times. He reveals that he also has been known to masturbate while driving, and a stick no less.

  3. Sejura

    Samantha’s call was heart breaking and the boys handled it well.
    I didn’t know my disgust for Adam could go lower… But crapping in the shower? haha really??

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    Samanta, F, 21

    Samantha is blind from self-inflicted gunshot during suicide attempt that resulted in brain injury (long, unfathomably depressing call)


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