Monday, September 1st, 2003

Guest: Seth Green

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

From the movie Party Monster

Drew in Montreal, Doorway call

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  1. inFRUITthe

    Seth is on to promote “Party Monster” – a great inde film with Macaulay Culkin (pretty good – I watched part of it on streaming Netflix). They bring up how Macaulay is dating Mila Kunis which seems so hard to believe but I think they just broke up last year. This is a great episode – Seth is always a fantastic guest and seems genuinely nice and unassuming. Drew is in Canada filming with the Olson Twins and having phone issues which leads to some headaches for Anderson, yet Drew still manages to sock the mike multiple times. And of course – the aforementioned doorway call is awesome.

  2. lordoftheview

    I love this episode. First, there’s nothing but technical difficulties for the first half of the show. Adam tries to hold it together. Seth is just relaxed, and Drew is confused. Anderson is like an octopus trying to do 425234 things at once.

    Then, of course, is the wonderful doorway call.

  3. ct

    Hilarious episode. Adam’s first day back from vacation, Drew is on but not in the studio as he’s in Canada filming New York Minute. Technical difficulties plague the show from start to finish which of course Adam comically addresses again and again. Veteran guest Seth Green rolls with it. Pretty classic episode, 5/5.

  4. benz041

    It’s difficult to say exactly what makes this episode one of my favourites. Things are just solid and positive the entire way through. Seth is a perfect loveline guest because he’s warm, insightful, and participates with Adam’s rants. Adam, Seth and Drew seem to have a great rapport together.

  5. Dsteelenz

    Probably my favorite episode of 2003. The hilarity comes from the technical difficulties and, without him losing it, you can just feel Adam’s blood boiling by the end of it. I’m shocked he didn’t scream at anyone.

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