Monday, August 4th, 2003

Guest: David Alan Grier

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. HotRockinRonnie

    Audio quality is 8/10. A little bit muffled.
    Great banter between Adam, Drew and DAG throughout the show. DAG is relatively composed and not extremely hyper.
    There’s a potential “Miriam” call, but Adam asks if the call is fake instead of talking with her for several minutes.
    They get Drew to do the Missy Elliot song at 36:55, but he fails miserably. More attempts are made at the 46:00 mark with similar results.
    Best line of the night:
    DAG: I’ve gone overboard before with the dirty talk.
    Adam: Me too. I told her I didn’t care much for her parents.
    A solid show. Good callers and DAG was on top of his game.

  2. spoudini

    The origin of the infamous “Sex with DAG” bit. DAG would go on to use his powerful snore to further decimate Teresa Strasser’s already tenuous self-esteem on Adam’s radio show while she attempted to speak / read the news, which, much though I love Teresa, comprised some of that show’s most hilarious moments.

    It all starts around ~55:35 with a girl explaining that she likes her boyfriend to be rough while they have sex. Adam asks if she enjoys dirty talk (which she does), and at his goading DAG jumps right on board: “Shut up. SHUT UP. Move down, move ya hand. Don’t look at me, don’t look at me, don’t LOOK at me…” By ~55:50 he’s swung into the very first Lovemakin’ With DAG bit ever. His snoring around ~56:18 has Adam and Drew helpless with laughter.

    ~1:07:55 – DAG: “I got in an argument with a woman with a post-graduate degree who said the reason she doesn’t swallow is the caloric intake is too great. I said, ‘Get outta here’…”
    Adam: “You know what DAG said? ‘Ya know how many calories’re in a KNUCKLE SANDWICH, BITCH!?'”
    DAG: “There ya go! ‘Turn around, don’t look at me, don’t LOOK at me…'” (slapping, climax, snoring)

    One of DAG’s best appearances. ★★★★★

  3. lordoftheview

    So many sad calls. There are lots of young girls who are hooked up with jerks who are hell bent on sticking with them.

    Caller: A guy slipped me everclear.
    Adam: He slipped you everclear?
    Caller: Yeah. I thought it was vodka.

  4. Landlubber

    DAG critiques Drew’s “hip” talk that he did on his episode of Crank Yankers. He says it was good but a little stiff, and like a good instrument, you must learn to improvise. “Although it seemed very natural how quickly ‘nigga’ came out of his mouth. That one was right there and ready to go.” Then Adam says “nigger” and DAG says “ohhhh, that’s the scary pronunciation.”

  5. DisappointingPorn

    Oh. My. GAWD. 0:06:20 is my one, precious Loveline call!!! … I had forgotten about this! I think I have it recorded on a cassette somewhere.
    I had been painting closet ceilings for my mother (most miserable work) whilst anticipating my beloved show to come sounding through my boombox… yes, ’twas a boombox… and had the sudden inclination to call 1 800 L-O-V-E-191. I wiped my paint smeared hands on my thighs, grabbed the landline phone, and proceeded to dial. My first question was about my cervix, but the dude screening said that was boring, so I offered up my, I think, still more boring question… that he deemed more appropriate.
    Gracious. How delightfull awkward.

    …Drew is no longer my ideal man, however. I suppose I like a more Carolla type these days. Shit has channnnnged…

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    Catherine, F

    Is in love with Dr. Drew. Doesn't get aroused by masturbation. Only dates guys who end up gay.

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    Bo, M, 18

    A staged call where Drew gets urban to sell Loveline to MTV. Bo can’t get laid.


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    Melissa, F, 15, Wyoming

    Standard 'boyfriend cheated on me' call.



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    Brynn, M, 19

    Likes rough sex, wants to know why. DAG does a sex impression.

    little girl voice other sexual activities repetition compulsion


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    Catherine, M, 22

    Wants to know if semen will pass through breastmilk. Adam with a great line.

    oral sex


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