Thursday, June 26th, 2003

Guest: Alanna Ubach

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

From the movie Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

This might possibly be my favorite Alanna appearance.

She is promoting Legally Blonde 2, we learn that Adam was a fan of the 1st Legally Blonde.

Alanna is hilarious, she discusses her long career.

Adam mentions how "Bizarre" it would be if someone was to watch the cult classic movie "Freeway" with Reese Witherspoon and Alanna Ubach and then see Legally Blonde, the contrast would be disturbing.

Adam breaks down the 3 heads of Jerry Lewis and then Drew explains why his appearance has changed over the years, surprise, surprise it's from medication.

Alanna discusses her experiences with EMDR therapy and how it solved her work related issues which prompts a hilarious line of questioning from Adam and Drew, she admits to using the therapy for other purposes but doesn't delve into the reasons.

Someone was asking for these shows a while ago, this episode features a great Narcissist test argument, The show comes back from commercial and Adam won't say anything until Drew reminds the guest to put the pen down and he doesn't do it until Anderson yells at him.

this happens at about 24minutes in and Adam really gets in depth with how he and producer Ann really hate that Drew has the guests taking time out from the show in order to complete his study.

Great hilarious argument.

Adam "Drew's pager went off when you were 3?"

Caller Greg "My um, question was for Dr.Drew"

Drew" hhmmm"

Greg" I was wondering Drew if you have ever masturbated to a black woman?"

Adam "Yeah Drew!?"

Drew "Have I ever masturbated to a black woman?, huughhh"

Adam "he's a man of exquisite passion"

Drew "Probably"

Greg "I was wondering if Drew has had anal with his wife?"

Drew "No!"

Adam "No, I have but Drew hasn't"

Alanna "not in Texas"

Adam "not with my wife, I'm talking about Drew"

Drew " you, you had"

Adam "Drew's wife"

Drew "you did?"

Adam "thank you"

Alanna "In Texas?

I can't believe Greg was able to get answers for his awesome questions.

Adam "lot of people having homicidal thoughts lets turn those into suicidal thoughts"

Alanna "Jesus Christ...hahaha"

Adam " your going to rot in jail you may get raped anally"

some great Mexican midget sex reenacted by Alanna and Adam.

Adam goes off on the annoying model Caprice who he refers to as Capri and he discusses what a horrible guest she was and what a total C' she is.

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  1. rlfstr

    A fella calls in who is pathologically unable to vomit because of a related childhood trauma. Of course, puking drops from good old DAG are played relentlessly.

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