Thursday, May 15th, 2003

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

This is the Blood, Sweat and Tears show!!!

Drew was in Salt Lake City earlier in the day to give a lecture.

Adam yells at Drew for commenting on him misspeaking.

Chief Thunderbear shows up to have a short Choctaw conversation with Drew.

Adam comes up with a new porn title, Stitler. It is cross between Stalin and Hitler.

A caller says she likes the band Linkin Park. This causes Adam to bring up Blood Sweat and Tears.

Caller Jay thinks he's DAG and gets all crazy when he gets on the air. Adam tries to describe strip club etiquette to Jay but has to yell at Drew for eating rice and knocking over his water.

Adam talks about the 18 botox shots Dr. Spaz put in his forehead and how they didn't even work.

Coming back from the break, Adam requests that Anderson find some Blood, Sweat and Tears to get them in a more upbeat mood.

When caller Billy gets on the air, he does the Super Chicken theme and the Terminator. That was all his call. Anderson mentions a full moon and Adam and Drew talk about there being a Lunar Eclipse earlier in the day.

Anderson fires up some Lucretia Mac Evil. This puts everyone but Anderson in a better mood. Adam narrates what goes on throughout the song. After a little while, it is potted down to be played under a call but the kid is asleep and snoring.

The next caller is having a threesome with her boyfriend and her waxer. Adam goes off on the stickers that are put on produce and how it ruins the fruit when he tries to take it off.

Next song up is Go Down Gambling. Drew suggests they start playing music under the calls from now on. Anderson decides that when a call starts to go south that he pots the Blood, Sweat and Tears song up over the caller. He does so about a minute later with Spinning Wheel.

Adam has Drew describe some complex medical stuff but has Spinning Wheel played over him so he is completely drowned out y the music.

A caller mentions she played some Blood, Sweat and Tears in her college marching band on the euphonium. This gets Adam to talk about the time he got the crappy trumpet part on an upbeat Neil Diamond song in high school band. When they come back from the break to take her call, Anderson fires up some God Bless the Child.

Next, they listen to You've Made Me So Very Happy under a somewhat disturbing call about Eddie and his kid brother.

Drew has to leave early because Douglas is very sick and has to go to the hospital. Unfortunately the next song up is And When I Die, a bit ironic. The next caller drops the "S" bomb when describing her college classes but it is hardly heard because she is being drowned out by the music.

When a caller suggests the band Chase, Anderson proclaims that this is the gayest music he'd ever heard.

Comments (21)

  1. inFRUITthe

    This episode is AWESOME – riddled with BS&T. Almost a love connection with phone screener Brian and a caller that can play “Blood Sweat and Tears” on the fluglehorn/is sexually compulsive. BACK SEAT DELILAH!!!!!!!!! The bit at the end is hysterical – I think the chick describing her classes actually drops the s bomb a few times.

  2. Maxxjulie

    hilarious 10/10 episode and my personal fav moment was when Adam picked up the caller who was a woman and he said you’re so and so and you’re 25. she replied, “ok” with a snobby attitude. he put her on hold and then talked to drew about what a huge bitch she is. LOL

    i love adam’s podcast, but loveline is even funnier. i never heard it on the radio once and only remember skipping past it on mtv. i don’t even remember even laughing once during the few minutes of it i ever watched. in a way i’m lucky, cuz now i can download and listen to many of the shows for the first time and laugh my balls off.

  3. ct

    Pretty good show. The Blood Sweat & Tears stuff didn’t do much for me although the last call was funny. Drew left early to tend to his sick kid.


  4. fstarlite

    a classic. I remember hearing this live, and feeling like I was witness to a great modern genius abstract comedic ‘happening.’

    it’s amazing how much adam is helpless to actually accomplish anything with drew gone. it is both a brilliant moment in loveline history, and in retrospect, a small harbinger of how adam without the restrictions of drews squareness is an entirely different beast. (I know the dr bruce episodes show this too, but, not as intensely).

    its been said a thousand times by now…but the more time goes by, it becomes clear that classic loveline was a ‘perfect storm’ for showcasing Adam’s genius, and nothing else comes close. on loveline, it was ‘art from adversity’; he was constantly battling the callers, drews lack of comedic sense, the burden of having to do the show at all, etc etc. but all those things also worked in his favor – provided structure, rant fodder, and punchline setups. he is a king of the improvised one line zinger…but almost no other format works as well to set him up.

  5. Landlubber

    Kid calls in to ask if his GF can “loser her virginity” to his finger. Adam tells him he has her hymen mixed up with her virginity.

    Adam: “She could lose her hymen to a seagull. Your finger won’t take her virginity unless it has a head and balls on it.”

    He starts his call describing how he gets intimate with his GF by giving her oral (but he pronounces it url).

    Drew: “Url?”

    Adam: “Texas tea?”

    An overweight girl calls in. She says she’s 5’4″, 150lbs. Adam does the radio math and comes up with 5’1″ 15/16, 163lbs. She doesn’t challenge him at all on that.

    Caller: “I’m shaped like a funnel, I have small legs, but I’m top heavy. I have a very broad back. I’m not thin.”

    Adam: “Well there are certain concessions you have to make. Do you like black guys?”

    A guy calls in to say he’s taking a trip to Vegas and wants to know proper strip club attire.

    Adam: “You want to look in your closet, and pick the pair of pants you would least like to be wearing during a moped accident. Conversely, the pants you want to wear mopeding are the pants you’d least like to be wearing at a strip club.”

    Adam gets Anderson to play some Blood Sweat and Tears. He’s always trashing contemporary music and propping up what he considers to be real bands like Blood Sweat and Tears. The thing is, I can’t tell whether he means it or not because the songs he claims are “real music” are f-ing terrible. That Lucretia Macevil song is an abortion of sound. Contemporary music might suck, but his idea of real music ain’t exactly great either.

    After Drew leaves because his kid is dieing, Adam takes a call from a girl who has panic and anxiety due to her heavy class load and full time work schedule. Adam asks her to describe her symptoms and then to list her entire class schedule and describe each class. As she’s rambling on in the background, Anderson turns up the Blood Sweat and Tears so you can only barely hear her. Every now and again Anderson drops in Drew saying “chill pill” because the only advice Adam is able to give once Drew leaves is for people to take a chill pill.

    Once Drew is gone, the remaining minutes of the show are a beautiful disaster with Adam and Anderson just screwing around and intentionally running the show off the rails. They turn up the Blood Sweat and Tears once again and say this one’s for Drew driving home. Anderson drops in the whip cracking as Drew had to leave because he’s pussy whipped by his wife.

    Good show from beginning to end.

  6. bigspanj42

    Ace brings up a caller, Kristie, at 16:51

    Kristie: Yes (matter of fact)
    Ace: You’re 25
    Kristie: Okay(quickly)
    Ace: (click), Kristie’s a bitch
    Drew: Yeah, that’s ridiculous
    Ace: Kristie’s a bitch
    Ace: Kristie’s so angry, how angry is Kristie?
    Drew: Incredible
    Ace: I have no idea what her question is, but I can tell you she’s angry.
    Drew: Yeah. You can just feel it
    Ace: Yeah, I just wanted to hit her. Kristie what happened to you. Where’s your dad? What did he do to you?
    Kristie: Nothing. My dad? Well my boyfriend is able to give me…
    Ace: I dont care about that. Wheres your dad?
    Kristies: At home
    Ace: Do you love him?
    Kristie: ……………well yeah
    Ace/Drew: What did he do? He beat on you when you were younger or something
    Kristie: Well yeah
    Adam/Drew: What a shocking revelation

  7. knucklhd

    The girl at the end, the one that slides in the s word while shes ticking off all her classes to the BS&T accompaniment, actually calls in on the 12/8/2004 show to say shes about to graduate and get a great job, and that every time she was nervous and about to take an exam she would hear Adam in her head saying “You gotta take a chill pill, Baby”

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