Tuesday, March 25th, 2003

Guest: Bill Nye

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

4.30 (84 votes)

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  1. MrBossin

    If you ever watched Bill Nye the Science Guy you will love this episode, even if you didn’t its one of the best eps ever. Lots of laughs, and interesting facts from Bill. Bill and Adam have an excellent back and forth, and Bill plays the straight man as good as Dr. Drew or possibly better. DL and listen now!

  2. inFRUITthe

    Adam opens the show comparing how he learned a lot from “BNTSG” to how he has felt very smart while answering Jeopardy! questions, only to find that it is a Kid’s Jeopardy! episode. This sadly happened to me a few weeks ago but boy did I get a surge of confidence for about a minute and a half. Bill is intelligent, charming and hilarious “I haaaave an AUTOGRAPHED THIGH MASTER!”

  3. Orangeplanet

    You don’t get guests like Bill Nye on Loveline very often. He is smart and funny and really brings a lot to the show. I never watched Bill Nye, The Science Guy but I was a huge fan of Almost Live. He talks about his past and how he was an engineer for Boeing while doing standup at night. He also talks a bit about Almost Live.

  4. Catchr

    An overall good ep, but like many shows with high profile, interesting guests..Bill wants to mix it up with the callers more and Adam overrides this by constantly asking his questions and pitching his ideas.

  5. Higgs

    Love Bill Nye. He is all about science and while he respects spiritual people, he has no trouble pointing out the silliness of religion and the denial of scientific facts in favor of religious dogma.

  6. Justin

    Great episode, the guys get along so well with Bill and it’s a mutual admiration show as well as being hilarious. Definitely give it a listen I loved the first caller- “I wanted to become a Scientist because of you, even though I can’t pass Science.”

  7. HarrySeaward

    Bill is great! Too bad he never returned to the show.

    Anyone else pick up on Bill’s nervous laughter/denial when the caller asks if it’s true that men over 30 can’t get erections?

  8. Stung

    Bill’s awesome, gets along with Adam about as good as you’d expect. Googling the EV1 they’re talking about, seems like Bill might be wrong about the 0-50 speed: Bill says 2.8 seconds, Wiki says 6.3 seconds and Adam was right about the 0-60 speed.

  9. blackjackdavey

    bill is awesome, more energetic and involved than any comedian on the show. plays well, gets and completes all the jokes. for some reason Space travel explanation really got me… SPACE! IT’S A VACUUM!!!

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