Monday, March 24th, 2003

Guest: Ron Jeremy

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. inFRUITthe

    Ron is always a good guest – with his horrible jokes and industry perspective. He is promoting “Pornstar” – his documentary. I got it on netflix and found it interesting. Annoying repeat caller “Silk” calls with some decent questions – Ron answers how he got the nickname “The Hedgehog” and his favorite film to date.

  2. Orangeplanet

    Ron is a fascinating guest. So fascinating, in fact, that they don’t take many calls. Ron talks about who he has enjoyed working with over the years and how the porn business has changed. He is on the show to promote his new documentary, “Pornstar” but also mentions his contract with Metro at least 20 times. Anyone else shamelessly promoting themselves would get tiresome, but Ron is so funny and witty, that it just seemed natural that he would be ever the salesman.

    I also agree with the other reviewer that said that “Pornstar” was an excellent documentary.

  3. Lucifer

    Gahh I wish Drew took some time to figure out the conversions, Adam asks how many cc’s (cubic centimeters) are in an ounce.

    Well 1 CC= 1mL
    and 1 liter is very close to 1 quart
    and there are 32 oz in a quart
    so roughly .03 cc’s in an ounce.

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    Matthew, M, 35, Bakersfield, CA

    Matthew gets an erection from disciplining his 11 year-old daughter. Dr. Drew discusses punishment and the psychology behind it.

    abusive/absent father physical abuse by parent


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