Tuesday, March 11th, 2003

Guest: Paul Rodriguez

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

Show Contains: Adam loaded, Dentist rants, Volvo/Saab test, military talk

Drew has to help Adam start the show because he is loaded from painkillers he got from the dentist earlier in the day. Adam gave the new dentist his heavyweight speech and got a good amount of medicine.

Drew proclaims that Adam is acting far nicer than his normal self as a result of his painkillers.

Adam tells a story from his closet installing days. When his friend gave him a taco that tasted weird. When he asked what kind of meat it was, the guy said it was cactus. Maybe this was inspiration for the cactus scene in The Hammer.

They give Paul the Volvo/Saab test. This is from Adam's barber who pronounced Volvo as Bolbo and Saab as Savv.

A little over 37 minutes into the show, it shifts over to the 16kbps "tin can" sound.

Paul tells a story of walking to his high school around the age of 15 and seeing a kid get shot in the stomach. He went to help and the kid died in his arms. He also tells a story about almost dying in a plane accident in the air force.

Adam quizzes a caller on carpentry and he does so-so.

Anderson gets Adam with his "The world is your oyster" drop.

There is a lot of comedy talk and how Paul got to where he is now. Apparently he is a fan of the show and has called in under an alias before.

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  1. Orangeplanet

    This is an awesome episode. Paul says that he is a fan and he seems to really get the show. Adam is high after having a tooth pulled earlier in the day. While he normally rants about his dentist appointments, he really likes the new dentist who loaded him up with drugs. Paul tells a few interesting stories and it is a nice break from Adam’s repeating stories. Paul’s story about being on a plane with stuck landing gear is intense.

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