Tuesday, January 21st, 2003

Guest: Jimmy Kimmel

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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From the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kid that farts on command

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  1. inFRUITthe

    Oddly enough – Adam pitches “Rave Doctor” yet again in 2005 and Drew hatesssss it but seems into it in this episode.

    And yes – I’m not sure what “it” is but these fart on command kids have IT!

  2. Landlubber

    A great retelling of the time Adam farted into a coffee can and tricked Jimmy into taking a deep whiff of it. With never before heard details of that night, including a naked Jimmy Kimmel leaping into the room through an open window, much to the surprise of the room full of guys playing poker at his house.

  3. HarrySeaward

    79:00 Adam and Jimmy tell a story about a guy that sued The Man Show because he was visible in the distant background on one of their bits filmed in public. The man was represented by Gloria Allred. Adam has her on his own radio show on 11-29-06 and, while he never discusses it, the contempt he shows during that interview no doubt stems from the Man Show incident.

  4. Landlubber

    Jimmy comes on around a half hour into the show and they immediately start discussing his new show and how it will almost certainly be cancelled in short order (as of this writing Jimmy Kimmel Live is well into its 10th year on the air).

    Jimmy says he was talking to one of the sound mixer guys during a practice show that day and the guy said to him “you know, I’ve worked on all these late night shows over the last 10 years, I’ve worked on Vibe and Keenan and Chevy Chase. This show? Smells like Arsenio”….and he meant it as a compliment.

    Adam: “Maybe he meant curl relaxer.”

    This leads them to talk about how Arsenio had a successful run and even famously had Bill Clinton on his show playing the saxophone and announcing his candidacy for President. Jimmy then does a bit about Al Sharpton, who at that point had just announced his candidacy for President, and how Jimmy is going to throw his full support behind him because no matter who the President is, the country just goes whatever direction it wants, and we might as well get some laughs out of the whole thing. He then says if Sharpton is elected, he will immediately paint the White House black. He then asks if there’s any chance whatsoever that Sharpton names a white person as his running mate and says there’s zero chance of that happening.

    Now, I have absolutely no problem with his comments and know that he’s saying all of this in jest. But if you fast forwarded to today, in the time of Twitter and Facebook and insane overreaction to everything, Jimmy Kimmel would’ve been roasted for these comments. There would be so much pressure from the public over his “racist remarks” and they would be played over and over again on radio and TV that ABC would pull the plug on his show before it even began. That’s how different the world is from just 10 years ago. Jimmy made some jokes that had a racial theme, but there weren’t armies of Twitiots to rake him over the coals for it, and now he’s one of the most successful late night TV hosts of all time. If that happened today, he never would’ve taped show 1.

  5. JmanBone

    Yes, his “racist comments” certainly would have been taken as such. It really is a pity that today everyone has to be so careful with what they say, a methodical dance which has killed much of the humor and essentially driven walls between many an ethnicity. I know that many would say that we are headed in the right direction, but it just feels to me like everyone is scared to say or do anything for fear of upsetting people. It is interesting to read articles about Adam, because much of it is feminist disapproval while also taking jabs at his “manhood” nowadays. I almost miss the comedy of ten years ago…

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