Tuesday, December 10th, 2002

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show contains: good story,

The show starts with Adam telling a story about Drew blowing up at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. They were supposed to introduce a band but never ended up doing so. He stormed off the stage like Whitney Houston because he had a previous engagement he passed up so he could go to the concert. Eventually producer Ann talked him into going back out.

Caller Bob claims his friend and him could have gone to jail for 20 years for mooning a bus full of handicap elementary school children.

Adam had to do Stern this morning at 4 in the morning but accidently woke up at 4:14. Even though he got very little sleep, he was somehow not tired all of a sudden because he knew he had to get on the show. Drew says it was survival instincts.

"˜Terra don't call me Tara' gets yelled at for putting a caller on with a bad connection.

Adam suggests a new idea of one patch per person, meaning if a person wearing an eye patch needs a nicotine or birth control patch, the medicine has to be delivered through the eye patch.

Drew has something stuck in his mouth. He used floss during the break but it didn't work. Adam says he asked "˜Terra don't call me Tara' for a toothpick but she gave him a paperclip. Anderson then says that Terra is flipping out because Adam screwed up her name once again.

During the next call, Drew attempts to go at his tooth with a plastic fork but hurts himself breaking one of the prongs off.

Drew attempts the Metallica bumper and actually succeeds at it.

Caller Krista is punished for having the radio on in the background despite being asked to turn it down twice.

Caller Chris is cheating on his girlfriend with her best friend and the best friend of the girl he's cheating with. His girlfriend then hears him talking from the other room and he gets busted. Both Chris and his girlfriend get on the phone and try to get the whole thing straightened out.

Drew recognizes the voice Rick, of a caller that called into the show once before.

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Show Contains: Drew on location, Drew pissed, Carpentry challenges, Drew swears,

Great show, this is one I vividly remember hearing live. Drew is in Florida and super pissed because he's stuck in a club doing the show from there.

The day before, Adam was loaded from having some tooth surgery. When the nurse let him pick out a movie to watch, she recommended grabbing two because the surgery would take so long.

Back to Drew, he is on a phone and pissed that the studio they were supposed to set up wasn't there. Drew, Adam and Susan were at the same club back in the mid-90's and they look back on a boat trip they took.

Adam complains about the Matthew Lesko infomercials and how annoying the guy is. Adam goes to ask Bald Bryan if he knows what he's talking about but Anderson calls him a dickhead for not asking him.

Adam and Anderson get pissed at Drew for using his cell phone and wait for him to call back on a landline.

Caller Greg talks carpentry with Adam. Greg hung doors for a living and challenged Adam to quiz him. Greg actually knows what he's talking about.

Drew calls back and claims he didn't know what phone he was on before. He is sitting in a "radio station" that is in the middle of the club. The loud crowd is easily heard in the background. They spend a good amount of time brainstorming alternative locations for Drew to go to. They end up deciding to go to an office in the upstairs of the club.

Adam suggests Drew set up a bus outside the club with a sign saying "Free GHB" and taking the bus straight to the rehab clinic.

There is a discussion of bombs being tested and how much of a waste that is.

Drew regrets letting Adam drive stoned despite being loaded on those dentist painkillers.

52 year-old Butch also challenges Adam to a carpentry quiz. When Butch mentions he uses a Porter Cable power planer, Adam tells the story about his being stolen from his grandparent's shed. They hired a hobo to rake some leaves and he allegedly stole it. Adam's grandparents had no mercy about it..

Drew describes all the alcohol in the office, the overflowing ashtrays and something else but he says the "S" word and has to be dumped for a second.

Drew says he wishes he had more stamina even though he was willing to go to the gym or go for a run while Adam was exhausted.

Caller Chester gets on the air to do the "Aflac!" duck sound and hangs up.

Joy, from Wicked Pictures called Adam earlier that day. Apparently they wanted him to host an infomercial for a porn bloopers DVD. Adam however had to turn down the offer.

Earlier in the day, Adam did a yahoo search for Celebrity, Toyota and Grand Prix and a porn site came up in the results so naturally Adam checked it out. When he goes to click the back arrow button, new windows start to pop up and Adam is stuck in "porn world."

Adam rants about going to the dentist then says he can drive his car loaded with no problems. Anderson comments on what a great message that is to send to the listeners.

Adam: I wanna to go to recovery, yay! yay! I wanna get a chip! Yay!

Adam, Drew and Anderson talk about the Elizabeth Smart abduction.

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  1. Landlubber

    The girl who busts her boyfriend talking about cheating on her gets on the line to talk with the guys. They ask if she has any kids with the caller. She says she doesn’t have any kids. They ask why. She says because she can’t. Adam says given the track record of the callers of this show, he knew when she said she didn’t have kids that it was either because she got a hysterectomy or a grenade went off in her lap.

    By the way, the call is totally bogus.

  2. Ninjaplease

    This show is a sleeper show. Even if bogus, the guy who calls about cheating on his girlfriend with her best friend, and her best friend’s friend as well is great once the girlfriend walks into the room….I believe them…almost too incredible to be fake.

    Adam has the runs and Dr. Drew fills in the “fastestgrowingradiostaioninnorthamerica” but isn’t fast enough to include ‘outlaw’. Then he jokes about being ghetto Drew for Crank Yankers.

    Great show…was hoping they’d have complained about Kelly Osbourne more though…

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