Thursday, August 15th, 2002

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. Landlubber

    19-year-old Tabitha starts the show off with a call about anal sex. She and her husband had anal sex and now she randomly bleeds out of her anus just walking around.

    Adam: “It just strikes me that the ass, the anus is so sensitive for something that’s basically an S porthole.”

    Drew: “Yeah but S is soft.”

    Adam: “I know but I mean more spiritually than physiologically. This is basically the dumpster, this is the drain in the bottom of the dumpster, and it’s basically a Steinway. Its sole purpose is to pinch loaves. It basically takes 3ft of dook and turns it into 6 6-inchers, yet it’s so sensitive and so easily thrown off balance.”

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