Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002

Guest: no guest

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. SirJag

    Very solid show.
    this is the episode where adam helps caller 13yo kendal ask a girl, brenda, he likes out. and as usual, adam tells the caller to practice first. adam pretends to be the girl. 1:20:00 VERY funny exchange

    Adam: Kendaaall,,,? wanna go out?
    kendal: Sure,,,

    adam and drew crack up!

  2. Landlubber

    The guys discuss being invisible. Adam brings up invisible masturbation and how everyone would see this magical white substance appear as if out of nowhere. “Oh, now it’s headed for the hamper.”

    He then asks Drew “if you were invisible, would your semen be invisible too?” as if Drew knows just because he’s a doctor.

  3. lordoftheview

    About 15 minutes in, Adam tries to get two cheerleaders to cheer. In typical Loveline fashion, it failed miserably.

    25 Minutes in, Michael, a 16 year old wants to marry his 15 year old girlfriend. Kind of sounds bogus, but he lives in Oklahoma, so it could just be white trash. He sounds really out of it and kind of obsessed.

    While Adam and Drew are talking about young Drew getting condoms, Adam goes on a more than racist rant that usual. Drew tries to plug a show at the same time so they are talking over each other.

  4. Landlubber

    Adam opens the show complaining about his dentist and how they have vanilla scented nitrous.

    Adam: “I know the vanilla scented nitrous sounds good, but you know when you go the car wash and they ask you what scent you want and you go with either the vanilla or the pine forest, and it just smells like a hooker took her life in the back seat of your car?”

    Later, there’s more discussion about the Cow/Pig hybrid, the Pow. “you got cow in my pig! No you got pig in my cow!” The guys discuss all the incarnations of Pow to show its true versatility. They even come up with Pow tongue “for the Jews.”

  5. Lucifer

    Oh my god. Ana calls in who orignally called in the Patton Oswalt and Brian Posenh show from May of 2002. Talking about how she pulled a guy off the road and how he was 40 and a lawyer etc. Then she calls back on this show, Same name, same voice, asking if there will be problems having kids with a 40 year old father. WOW I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE WENT OUT WITH HIM.

  6. fatbench

    Great entry level show here. (i.e. Good for putting on in the car while driving with a loveline newbie—great exchanges with the callers and Adam jags that don’t require much loveline background to appreciate)

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    , M



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  • call



    Kendall, M, 13

    Doesn't know how to ask out a girl he goes to school with. Adam roleplays with him.

    flirting/making the first move


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    Adam explains his idea of "Pow" (Pig-Cow Hybrid) with Dr. Drew.


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    Tyler, M

    Caller wants to know what the bases mean (First Base, Second Base, etc.) Adam explains how it was "back in the day."

    flirting/making the first move


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    Nick, M, 38, NYC

    15yo Michael wants to marry he his 14yo girlfriend who he has only hung out with a couple times and hasn't seen her in 2 months



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