Monday, April 22nd, 2002

Guest: Fat Mike

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

3.59 (18 votes)

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From the band NOFX

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  1. L

    These guests were great! They were funny, smart, and gave intelligent, thoughtful advice. As always, I wish the music was edited out, but a great listen and really cool people. And Adam’s rant about construction workers and the lake/river was hilarious and right on…even though my friends and I still do all that shit and love it.

  2. clawson26

    This is one of a small handful of shows I often skip when I’m relistening. I couldn’t remember why until I listened again. The guests are about as fun as an ice pick in the eye. Note to self; trust your previous ratings dumbass. I only had this one downloaded for my workout and was stuck with it.

  3. jjcales112

    @ L

    What is with you tools who want the music edited out? It’s an essential part of the show. It’s a part of the totality of the Loveline experience. The best shows are the most complete ones. Once in a while you’ll hear one with long joiners or even a commercial, those are the best recordings. To have loveline as it was! Not some pared down bullshit.

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