Sunday, April 21st, 2002

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Veal or Venison?

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  1. spoudini

    Wherein we are again reminded that It Takes All Kinds.

    A girl calls in asking what causes poop to float or sink. After Drew “floats” some theories, they inquire her why she’s asking – her science teacher said that sinking poop means one has cancer, but “I think he was just making fun of me, so I was just wondering if it was true.”
    Drew: “Uh, he was making fun of you.”
    Caller: “No he wasn’t! …Was he!?”

    Adam then asks her the night’s standard Veal & Venison. Her answer has Drew shooting coffee out of his nose.

  2. KJFrito103

    Adam is broadcasting from Las Vegas and starts the show a bit loaded, which Drew picks up on in the first few minutes.

    Also, after listening to a few subsequent shows, I’m positive this is the birth of “Veal or Venison?” and ironically enough contains one of the funniest guesses on “venison” that I’ve ever heard on the show.

  3. Landlubber

    Blind Kid: “I’m having trouble hooking up with the ladies. I ask if we can exchange numbers or get together after school and….”

    Adam: “It turns out you were talking to a hat rack the whole time?”

    lol. Going straight to hell.

  4. ljflohr

    I wish I’d visited here sooner but I’m the caller at around ~58m. I’m sorry to say that it was a farce and that my entire question was derived in hopes that they’d ask me what veal and venison were, however that it was inspired by a friend who was indirectly ridiculed by a biology teacher in a similar context.

  5. Landlubber

    haha, that’s awesome. I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re telling the truth that it was you who called.

    I wish more former callers would find this site and comment.

    By the way, your Veal or Venison answer is the best in the history of the question. Were you serious? Most of the callers on this show don’t have the wit to come up with an hilarious fake answer.

  6. lordoftheview

    Really great episode with lots of super dumb callers. Adam is in a great mood because he’s in Vegas. Drew makes some funnies. This also appears to be the first episode where they started talking about veal or venison.

  7. ljflohr

    Landlubber: no I wasn’t serious, the veal or venison answer was contrived by my friend and I (I honest can’t remember which one of us thought of it) and was the whole motivation behind coming up with another fake question to call with.

  8. BMacC

    They play Veal and Venison w/ female callers, amazing, Drew loses his shit when the girl gets Veal correct but then says Venison is in Italy…OMG GREAT SHOW

  9. DanteVen

    Reading ljflohr’s comment ruined the punchline of the joke. It is still funny now that the veal is lifted and the call is revealed to be a prank (if I’m to accept ljflohr is the caller), but it would be better if the hilarity of the moment were preserved and we could accuse another female of being dumb.

    But props to you ljflohr, you made your call seem so genuine even the guys didn’t question your legitimacy. Drew was a bit suspicious when he asked if your boyfriend put you up to it which goes along a belief Adam espouses and which you might dispel that female callers never prank call. But it could be that your friend you’ve mentioned is male. You were very succinct when you talked about the teacher and plus you laughed when you delivered the final joke both gave you away upon close listen. Hey goodjob though, not something I could pull off.

  10. CZRob

    Classic episode. Along with everything mentioned below, Adam comes up with an idea for a small tab on public toilet seats so guys won’t have to put their fingers under the seat to lift it. Anderson finds fault with it, leading Adam to accuse him of going home at night and poking holes in his ideas.

  11. Sejura

    A great episode. Adam is a little drunk in Vegas so he’s not a total jerk to Drew. Veal and venison questions. Nothing but idiot callers. 5/5 stars!

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    Kristen, F, 19

    Asks about sinkers and floaters, leads to a great veal or venison bit.


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    Elizabeth, F, 17

    Has a strong odor downstairs, but doesn't think she got an infection from the guy because "he just got out of prison."


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