Sunday, April 7th, 2002

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. generalgk

    The show starts off with Adam and Drew discussing Daylight Savings Time, which somehow segues into a discussion about baseball fans.

    A caller tells the guys that his daughter is addicted to the show and he disapproves because he hates the show. He awkwardly and sloppily tells them why he hates it (which doesn’t really make sense), drops the S Bomb and hangs up.

    Caller Anna (19) calls in saying she likes to be choked and her 40 year old boyfriend will do it for her. Possibly the Anna that picked up her boyfriend while driving on the highway from the Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn episode? Her voice doesn’t sound quite the same (but her name is pronounced “Aww-na” just like the other episode and the age is right) but it’s a pretty big coincidence.

    Adam recounts some of the lower points of his dating career including him being painfully rejected at a singles bar and him having sex with a girl who he was repulsed by, out of pity.

    The boys listen to the underage drinking (“I’m Gonna Stay Out of Trouble”) PSA and have a good laugh.

  2. jjo29

    A rare Gem of a story from Adam about a blast from the past.

    An old girlfriend, who gained a lot of weight, and he ended up giving her pity sex. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so he mustered up the strength to sleep with the whale.

  3. pastahero

    The third call from Anna, the ex-stripper who met her 40-year-old boyfriend on the freeway. Here are her appearances (that I know of):
    2001-06-14 Patton Oswalt & Brian Posehn

  4. Landlubber

    Adam talks about the time he met a pretty girl, got a hold of her number, and called her to hook up some time later. He said when he saw her it looked like she had packed on a good 40lbs.

    Adam: “You know when they do that goose liver, when they stuff the food in the goose’s mouth?”

    Drew: *laughing* “With a funnel?”

    Adam: “They stick a funnel in there and just keep ramming bread into it until its liver explodes so they can make pate’ out of it. She must’ve been eating like that since I saw her last. I drove out to San Diego two hours and she opens the door and she looks like Eddie Murphy in a fat suit.”

    Adam is supposed to spend the whole weekend in San Diego with her. She had all her friends lined up to meet him and she took off from work. So even though Adam was scheming the whole time trying to figure out a way to skip out of there, he stayed, got drunk, and banged her out of pity.

    Later Adam and Drew…well mostly Adam..have a philosophical discussion about what stupid means.

    Adam: “Stupid people just HAVE to F up. They have to. It’s part of being stupid. They just have to do the same F ups over and over again. You like to give it a lot of psychological stuff, it’s just STUPID. You always say ‘well it’s not fair to call them stupid, they lack insight.’ It’s the ESSENCE of stupid. What is stupid if not to just make the same mistakes and screw their kid’s lives up? Then you tell me what the definition of stupid is.”

    This leads to an interesting conversation about the moral and ethical implications of paying losers and stupid people to give their kids up to a broker who then sells that baby to a family wanting to adopt a child. Adam calls it a catch-22 (in a good way) because the people willing to give their kid up for $2200 are gonna be terrible parents anyway. And on the way out the door? Norplant.

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