Thursday, March 21st, 2002

Guest: Picabo Street

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Promoting her book Picabo: Nothing to Hide

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  1. Si

    Picabo Street is an O.K. guest… she seems a little uptight. Drew talks abouts his wife getting Bells-palsy and Adam tells a member of the LAPD his ideas to improve society.

  2. empireofrain

    Show ends early, don’t get to hear the ending. Kind of a bummer. Adam gets more and more irritated as the show goes on, which makes for some decent humor, but the time difference really gets to him.

  3. coolidgeeffect

    While the audio of this episode is pretty bad, Picabo Street made it worth while to listen. It turns out that Picabo has that manic nervous chuckle that sounds like barely restrained madness- and she gives it up liberally. If you are like me and delight in hearing crazy laughter, this is a great episode.

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