Sunday, March 3rd, 2002

Guest: no guest

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Brief Chief Thunderbear appearance.

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  1. lordoftheview

    Today’s lesson was to “give up your dreams”. This is a really good show. Lots of dumb callers. They even decide to restart the show. Adam comes up with the idea of soaking tampons in Vicodin and anti depressants.

    “Ok, I’m going to make this as quick as I can. Can I get $3 regular…”

  2. juice

    @35 minutes

    I am LITERALLY crying right now. LITERALLY. Adam puts caller on hold and tells Anderson to use drops to answer Adam’s questions as the caller.

  3. KD24

    Girl: I go to college.

    Adam: …junior college?

    Girl: …junior college?

    Adam: …junior college?

    Girl: …

    Drew: It’s like she’s being hypnotized!

    That girl was HILARIOUS.

  4. Landlubber

    Adam tells everyone to abandon their dreams. Right after, a 24-year-old named Todd calls in. Adam tells him that the dream he needs to abandon is living into his 30’s because he’s never met a person named Todd over the age of 33.

    Later a kid calls in and he’s put on the air right when he’s getting gas. The guys overhear him say “can I get $3 regular?” haha.

    Adam: “You’re what they call a high roller.”

    They ask him what gas is going for over there. He says $1.09. Holy shit.

  5. Shoefoot

    There’s a lot of great shows but this one had me crying from laughter. Constantly. One of the greatest LL moments follows the bit with Adam trying to converse with Anderson’s “huh” drops:

    Caller: “Should I tell my friend i’m bisexual?”
    Drew: “Just tell her you’re confused.”
    Caller: “Huh?”
    Adam: “Was that Anderson?”

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    Nicole, F, 21

    Wants info on birth control patch. Effectiveness/side effects

    birth control period/PMS


  • call



    Alan, M, 21

    Wants to know how to tell if a woman is a virgin (he wants to marry one, one day)



  • call



    Todd, M, 24

    Adams starts by making fun of Todd's name, telling him he won't live past 35 cos no one called Todd does...Has black dots in semen


  • call



    Zack, M, 16

    Wants to know the effects of acid on the brain/body

    acid/LSD addiction


  • call



    Danny, M, 15

    Jaded 15-year old dealing with heart break. Funny call.



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