Monday, November 19th, 2001 - #1602

Guest: Christopher Titus

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

From the TV show Titus

Adam rants about the horror of "Media Training" and the stupid ad campaign for the WB that they were a part of when LL was going to be a WB show.

Adam rants on the "Brain Vacation" promos he was forced to do with Drew and how Drew didn't back him up when he refused to say that BS.

Titus discusses the nuances of his show.

Adam discusses his love of watching things on water catch fire and why it's hilarious when a Dr. gets sick.

Titus discusses how an ex-girlfriends dad convinced her to dump him because of his career choice and now years later he was contacted by her in an effort to reconnect now that he is successful.

9/11 comes up a couple times throughout the show.

Titus is even better than his 1st appearance, he is a huge fan of the show and really gets into the calls.

Adam "34yr old women do not stop guys from going down on them, Wimbledon they would let a guy go down on them"

Titus "hahahahahaha....Wimbledon....hahahaha"

Titus discusses how he got his Drag Racing license, each time they return from break Titus gives an odd greeting i.e. morning, afternoon.

Titus and Adam discuss all the drag racing greats from the 70s and 80s, Cha Cha muldowney and Big daddy don garlett.

Adam "Some Go Some Blow"

very similar to the rant he did on one of the Will Arnett shows.

Adam "English leather girls will be there, Fox night foxes come in free"

Titus tells a story about Jay Leno, apparently Leno has a motorcycle with a helicopter engine and according to Titus, Jay was at a stop light when someone behind him pulled up to close and the engine melted the guy's bumper.

1200 degree exhaust melted the bumper behind him and Leno just took off.

A young man named Jack calls to discuss a charity car wash event, for 3 girls he knew who died in a car accident the night before.

Which leads Titus to mention his High School buddy Jim Kane who was killed while standing on the side of the freeway attempting to help a motorist and her two children when he was cleaned out by a drunk driver.

Adam teases he will discuss his two High school buddies who were "burned up in a Pinto station wagon" but forgets to mention it on-air.

Adam teases Dag's upcoming appearance and Anderson plays the DAG vomiting drop, which prompts Titus to respond that he was listening that night DAG was on LL vomiting(fake).

One of my all time favorite calls regarding a woman calling because she is concerned with her husbands growing obsession with a comic book he created, starring "Drip" a serial rapist.

Adam and Titus get tons of Humor out of "Drip" and his various Rape exploits.

This episode is a must listen, if only just for this call

Drew frightens Titus with the term "Slough off"

Drew "you don't to slough you penis"

Titus " awww.... ya can't"

Great dual Adam/Drew rant about Gender.


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  1. Orangeplanet

    Great guest. Christopher and Adam bond over their mutual love of cars. The last call of the night is pretty messed up. Jennifer became a woman because as a man she liked men and she didn’t want to be gay. Now she is a woman and likes women and wants to know if her sex change can be reversed because she doesn’t want to be gay.

  2. HarrySeaward

    61:00 Caller says his girlfriend likes to jerk him off onto ice cream and cake and then eat it. Adam says it must be awkward at birthday parties.

    I generally find Titus as an over the top, blowhard douchebag (and it is strange to me why Adam likes him) but he was much more subdued in this episode than the last and he does have a tendency to bring out the best in Adam and I can appreciate him for that.

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