Monday, November 12th, 2001 - #1597

Guest: Jay Baruchel, Carla Gallo & Seth Rogen

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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From the TV show Undeclared

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  1. ct

    The guests are there to promote the show Undeclared. Seth talks the most of the three and that’s great because he’s funny and hits it of well with Adam.

    For those who are interested, Seth was also on back in 2000. Just type his name in search. 😉


  2. Landlubber

    Fun little trivia about one of the guests, Carla Gallo. Sometime midway through the show a chick calls in who says she’s pissed at her boyfriend for not having sex with her while she’s on her period. Carla says that really pisses her off and how would the boyfriend feel if he had a little blood on his penis and the girlfriend was like “gross, get away from me.” Appropriately, six years after this show Carla would go on to appear in Superbad as “period blood girl.” She’s the girl who dances with Jonah Hill and gets her period blood all over his leg. Funny little parallel there.

    Seth laughs a lot like he does in all his interviews and appearances, but at this point it sounds like his lungs haven’t yet been permanently scorched from all the weed he smokes. These days In any interview you hear him in it’s dominated every few seconds by his scratchy “10 miles of bad road” laugh that sounds like he gargles with rusty nails and a dirty ash tray every morning.

    The guests (especially Seth) fit well with the show and mesh well with Adam.

    Adam rants about his dentist’s aversion to giving him nitrous for minor oral procedures. They give him the line about “we have kids and mothers in here who don’t need nitrous, you’ll be fine.”

    Adam: “What is this, some kinda goddamn test?! I’ve crawled under houses and dug footings with a coffee can and I’ve had the crap beat out of me in a boxing ring many times. The question is not what I can take. If we were in a prison camp with no novacane and you had to do it with a pair of pliers, I could take it. But you know what? I’ve got a wallet, we’re in America, and you’ve got a can of nitrous. Even if I like it 1% better with the nitrous, isn’t it worth it? Why do I gotta get the pussy dance because I want the nitrous?”

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