Tuesday, October 16th, 2001 - #1578

Guest: Smash Mouth

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

When Steve asks why he hasn't been on The Man Show, Anderson plays the "Best show on television, The Man Show" drop. Adam then explains that that was Governor Jesse Ventura, as Drew or himself always does after hearing the drop.

Anderson plays a second or two of Smashmouth's cover of "I'm a Believer" and Steve gets super pissed (I guess he hates that they did that song). Steve threatens to kill him for playing it but Anderson plays it again a couple minutes later and also right after hearing a song that's actually off their album he was promoting. Adam says he's be happy if Steve beat up Anderson. Anderson then fires back with the "Uh... the world is your oyster, because that's all the world is," and drunken "You can't articurla..... you can't articulate yourself any better than that," drops.

Steve drops the "S" bomb.

They have a good discussion about hiding gas when out on a date.

Adam's theme song(s) are played.

The night before, Ozzy and Sharon Ozborne were on the show. Clips of his stuttering are played throughout the show.

Adam and Steve talk power tools and don't agree on brands.

A bogus caller says he likes older women and does a HORRIBLE job selling it.

When it's time to listen to another song in the 11 o'clock hour, Anderson plays the "I'm a Believer" clip again which is followed by a gun threat from Steve. When it comes time to actually listen to the song there is a few seconds of dead air because Anderson forgot to cue up the actual song.

Steve drops the "S" bomb again and is subjected to listen to "I'm a Believer" twice more. The exact same thing happens a few minutes later.

Steve's son died from Leukemia a couple months before this show and he plugs his foundation.

A female caller with a bad British accent calls in with a semi-bogus call. It turns out the caller is Steve's wife and she humiliates him terribly.

Comments (3)

  1. yayer

    smashmouth’s sister or something from australia calls in and tells everyone how he likes to tuck in his penis to get a mangina in public. then they talk about his foundation for something.

  2. HarrySeaward

    @yayer, “Stephanie” is Steve’s then girlfriend Michelle.

    The guy’s try to bust her on the bogus accent but she is adamant it’s legit. She begs to ask her question and the guys agree to hear it as long as she drops the accent. She does and talks about Steve tucking his junk between his legs to create a “fruit basket”. Michelle says Steve calls himself “Stephanie” when he does it, which is why she used that pseudonym when she called in. Drew says “this is getting weird!”

    The shows turns serious to discuss the 6-month old son they lost to leukemia a couple months previously and have started a charity foundation to help kids with leukemia.

    Heart breaking story:

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