Wednesday, May 30th, 2001 - #1479

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Adam and Drew spend 5 minutes trying to guess a kid's name.

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  1. HarrySeaward

    4:15 A female caller has her husband on the other line and they start arguing about who cheated on who first. Adam and Drew do some couple’s counseling. Good radio!

    As noted, at 67:00 the guys try to guess the name of a guy a caller wants to hook up with, except it wasn’t 5 minutes. They spend the rest of the show working on it and start taking suggestions from other callers. More good radio!

  2. pastahero

    A rich girl from Chicago feels she hasn’t really dealt with being raped in a parking lot. It’s a fairly routine call, but she calls back on 2003-10-02 with a longer, much more fascinating version of the story.

  3. Landlubber

    The girl says it’s a normal American name. After Adam and Drew have pretty much exhausted the catalog of American male names, they become frustrated because they know the name will either be something like “Octavio” or a name they said within the first couple of guesses but the girl wasn’t paying attention.

  4. searsino

    “Women don’t have the jack-off gene, they have the stab-in-the-back gene”

    I love when Adam evens the playing field after Drew feels the need to point out one of men’s downsides… you know, because he’s whipped 😛

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    Jessica and Alex, F

    Jessica and Alex are a married couple who have trust issues. They are both on the phone and keep arguing.

    cheating/adultery/infidelity marriage


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