Sunday, April 8th, 2001 - #1441

Guest: Jenny Biondi & Nancy Sasaki

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

From Right to Life & Planned Parenthood, racist/antisemite with heavy Columbian accent calls in during second hour (source of Not Alright drop)

Origin of "No, not alright!" drop.

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  1. spoudini

    Not surprisingly, right-to-lifer Jenny is an abrasive twat, speaking with all the shaky logic and fallacious reasoning you’d expect from a nutty conservative. Fortunately, Adam ain’t havin’ it and grills her for her bullshit. Nancy from Planned Parenthood is disappointingly mute for much of the show (Adam actually asks her at one point to pipe up and defend herself) – it’d be nice if she actually appeared to care about such serious issues and be an articulate, outspoken advocate for her important organization and counter Jenny’s ludicrous agenda with the intolerance it deserves.

    Good ol’ Dominic, the Colombian white supremacist shows up around ~1:00:02.
    ~1:03:56: Dominic: “Stop corrupting white people!”
    Adam: “Alright, I’ll see what I can do. …Alright?”
    Dominic: “No, not alright!”
    Adam: “Alrighi-hi-hahahah”

  2. jpieroni

    Adam just dismantles this right-to-life representative with cunning and sound logic.. all she can do is spout her canned talking points… And with Drew’s well researched supplemental data, she is left looking like a complete retard and leaves after one hour.

  3. thekinkysneak

    Jenny Biondi has to be one of the worst speakers I have ever heard. Her arguments remind me of a pouty teenager who is trying to get a point across in a high school English class debate. Poorly researched and driven by her emotions and beliefs instead of facts. Also, the way she speaks to the two female callers (I think one is 16 and one is 19) is so condescending it’s like she is talking to a toddler!
    Other than that, great show!

  4. pastahero

    Jenny Biondi sounds like an actress doing a parody of a shrill, irrational pro-life harridan, that’s how grating she is. Any decent points she might have are negated by everything else she says.

    Dominic is one of the most frightening callers ever. Forget his message; I’m just talking about his voice and cadence.

  5. puffykilled2pac

    This lady was the WORST representative they could send to this show. The way she keeps saying Adam’s name is quite humorous. I was waiting for Adam to go “Hey, look bitch” the entire time. This lady reminds of a bunch of my friend’s moms that were huge bitches.

  6. SirJag

    jenny kinda has a weak sarah palinish Alaskan accent thing going on. but her voice inflections make her sound crazy compared to nancy. regardless of their conversational topic

  7. fatbench

    Over the last four years or so, I have listened to most of the available episodes between 1995-2005. This show contains what may be my favorite joke from Adam. As the Pro-lifer describes-in gruesome detail-a late term abortion procedure (she is getting very worked up and her voice is very agitated), Adam jokingly asks Drew to “pass me some of that goulash.” It is delivered so subtly and almost inaudible, but I was literally incapacitated with laughter for several minutes the first time I heard it and then immediately replayed it several times after that. You can hear Drew laugh before moving away from the mic to let the nut-job finish her rant, which only added to the exchange for me.

  8. Epicenter

    What amazes me is that Jenny seems to be telling callers that, if Right to Life, or an organization just like it decides that a contraceptive used today is abortion at a later date, that she will “have that on her conscience”. As though they are the moral authority, not just in the present, but even retroactively. That is a level of pretentiousness and self-righteousness that I can barely begin to fathom. I’m glad that these people invalidate their own arguments, saving us the trouble of getting inside of their warped, thick heads.

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    Dominic, M

    "No not alright!" drop guy. Never knew where this came from until now. Super racist and funny (unintentionally).

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