Thursday, March 1st, 2001 - #1415

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. dvmoc

    No guest.

    Notable topics: the Rape Magnet®, Adam rants about how nice New Orleans is and how LA is a police state with all the chicken S tickets, Drew as Miss USA judge, a sleeping/snoring caller, Free Masons discussion.

  2. GentlemanClintleman

    SUPER-CRAZY gal calls in around 30 minutes in. Claims she’s super hot, spent 2 and a half years in prison for attacking a cop, was gang raped by same cop while in prison, had three penises inside her vagina at once.

  3. Landlubber

    Wow. The girl who calls in at 30 minutes needs to be studied. She’s very obviously a compulsive liar. I know a girl who is a compulsive liar and this girl sounds exactly like her. Not her voice, but the way she spins her bullshit stories.

    It’s weird too, because the idiots who call this show and make up bogus shit usually get stumped right away. True compulsive liars like this girl and the girl I know must have some level of intelligence, because they can keep a BS story going even when questioned directly about the veracity of the crazy stuff they’re spewing. They just keep adding twists and turns.

    She claims she severely beat a cop’s ass with a set of car keys, got two-and-a-half years in prison (sentence increased due to priors), the cop she beat got transferred, not only to her prison, but to her cell block, where he proceeded to gang rape her along with seven other guards. Wowzers.

    Compulsive liars are dangerous people. The chick I know was friends with my wife. We went out to this local bar all in different costumes on Halloween ’10. We were there for hours and we were tired so my wife and I said our goodbyes and walked the half-mile back to my friend’s apartment. The crazy girl was in the bathroom when we left. She got pissed that we didn’t say goodbye so she concocted this whole story about how because we ditched her she had to walk to the apartment alone and got snatched up by “some black guys” and gang raped in an alley. The crazy part was that she really did leave alone and just wandered around the neighborhood for an hour so she could show up to my friend’s apartment when everyone had left the bar and was partying there. She sobbed and told the rape story and everyone could tell she was lying. It was really awkward. She never relented so we called the cops and they came and took a statement from her. They insisted she go to the hospital to be examined so they could collect DNA evidence but she aggressively refused and started backing off how big a deal it was. The funniest part is she’s really fat and her costume was Paula Deen. But she’s Puerto Rican so she has dark skin, which combined with the Paula Deen costume made her look like the Spanish maid from Family Guy. So in a city full of hot skinny blondes drunk off their asses and walking home from this street that all the bars are on, these rapists picked the Spanish maid from Family Guy to drag into an alley and rape.

    That was the last straw with that girl. Before the “rape” incident she spent two years claiming to have cancer, get mysterious treatments for it, have a hysterectomy, cry about never being able to have children, go into remission, get cancer again, then got tired of that whole thing apparently because when people stopped telling her “oh you poor thing” she never spoke of it again. We had a party at her house one time and she stole everybody’s shit while we were asleep. When one of my friends started saying he was gonna tear the house down looking for his wallet, everybody’s shit mysteriously reappeared after she ducked into her bedroom to “help look.”

    Seriously, fuck crazy people.

  4. logistics2

    Intense calls all night. Josie is clearly lying but her story is strangely compelling. It’s too much of a coincidence that the cop she attacked got a job in her specific cell block. I don’t think they would let that happen first of all since they had a history, but cops also don’t typically transfer to that type of job after street patrol. She also would have known the cops name after a trial and all the paperwork. Liars are not good with really specific information, and the more they probed into her insanity the more they realized the whole thing was distorted. Wonder what really happened.

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    Josie, F, 24

    Chaos Queen or Chronic Liar. Been to jail for attacking a cop. Then was gang raped by cops in prison.



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