Monday, January 8th, 2001 - #1377

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Host: Adam, Dr. Bruce

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  1. HiDeke

    Polish woman sounds Bogus to me- she pushes the topic and seems to be having too much fun with it. Also the way she drops slang and says “How do you say…” and also pronounces Thing “TING”- sounds like someone confusing their accent impressions and slipping into Ms. Swan.

  2. Landlubber

    Hilarious retelling of the time Adam’s car broke down on his way to Loveline and he had to find a ride. He says it was in the early days when he still had the will to live and thought it was important to get to the show on time.

    Adam: “So I run down the offramp and into this donut shop and accost this nice couple that was leaving. I’m telling them I’m only a mile away and can they just drive me, and of course they’re scared because it’s the middle of the night and I’m covered in sweat. I tell them ‘I’m not a murderer.’ By the way, I found out, probably better to just not mention murder at all. They say ‘no we can’t drive you but here’s $5, can you get a cab?’ And this is where it must’ve really started to sound crazy, because I say ‘no, I need YOU to drive me!'”

    The story continues with Adam getting a ride with two mafioso-looking guys who Adam lets get on the radio to give a plug to their local business in return for the ride.

  3. mjg134

    My verdict on the bogosity of the “Polish” woman is bogus. On top of the “ting” which is out of place she can’t come up with the word for vibrator yet busts out thereupon without flinching. The ultimate give-away is when she can’t come up with a Polish word for ass & responds with “corn-hole” Not sure if the girl was crazy or messing around but bogus!

  4. Lateralus

    Bruce with a good analogy comparing thyroid and metabolism to engine idle speeds. Also a couple interesting med stories involving an 350 lb alleged virgin who went in with abdominal pains that turned out to be labor, and a cop who was shot and eventually died, with the person who shot him right in the next room living. Also the very first FASTEST GROWING OUTLAW RADIO SHOW IN NORTH AMERICAA

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    Natalia, F, 34

    Polish woman who constantly touches herself, even in public places.

    masturbation sex addiction


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    Yet another annoying Ace Rockolla Lightening round. Goes all the way until the end of the show unfortunately.

    Lightning Round


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