Sunday, December 3rd, 2000 - #1351

Guest: Jimmy Kimmel

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

4.63 (141 votes)

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  1. Xenonexus

    The final 20 minutes of this show are legendary. First we get the call from Adam’s neighbor and then one of the funniest calls in the history of Loveline, the hillbilly goat rapist. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe, it’s pure Loveline Hall of Fame material.

  2. funwithguitars8

    Drew is funny in the beginning – re; how early his kids wake up on Sunday:

    Adam: “Could you drug them?”
    Drew: “I would if I could”
    Adam: “They’re going to make great garbagemen some day”

  3. HarrySeaward

    Ah…great episode. Jimmy always brings it and this is one of his best appearances with lots of great one-liners. I dare say he is funnier in this one episode than Adam is in most others.

  4. ct

    Very good episode. I would have rated it a high 4, but the final call nudges it up to a 5. Not sure it deserves the top rating it currently has as there are some better episodes out there, but without a doubt worth a listen (or 2) for Adam era Loveline fans. Believe I heard this live when in High School and it has aged fine.

  5. blacha

    Around 1:11:45 Adam and Jimmy joke about bulimia in girls who are in dance and ice skating, poking at Dr.Drew who has his daughter in ice skating.

    Well coincidentally in February 2014 Drews daughter Paulina comes out publicly about her struggles with bulimia.

    Thought that was interesting.

  6. Landlubber

    Adam lays out his cyanide capsule idea for Jimmy. They had a young guy who called in the previous week who took a dude home from a gay club, and his mother walked in on him performing oral sex on himself while the guy laid next to him in bed and masturbated. Adam says as a parent you should always keep a cyanide capsule in your cheek, but as you enter your kid’s bedroom, slide it between your teeth in the back of your mouth and if you ever see him performing oral on himself while a guy in a leather vest jacks off, you just bite down on it and you’ll be dead before you hit the ground, like a Nazi war criminal.

    Kim, 17, calls to ask about the risks involved with liposuction. Adam: “Men really aren’t as into this as women like to think. Men like a little curves…especially black men. Look at Lisa from earlier, she’s a little overweight and she got raped no problem.”

    Doug, 28: “I have a problem with beastiality.” Jimmy: “It sounds like you have NO problem with beastiality.” Doug: “I’m not the best looking guy in the world.” Jimmy: “I disagree.” Doug: “My teeth are rotted out.” Jimmy: “If you chew the milkbones it keeps them strong and healthy.” Drew asks if he uses a condom and he says no. Drew: “You’d really aught to wear a condom when you do this.” Adam: “Isn’t that too much forethought? Aren’t you really admitting to something at that point?” Ann jumps in on the call and abuses Doug as she did with James the Zoosexual from the 1/18/1998 show (the golden standard of animal fucking calls).

  7. Lateralus

    Jimmy is one of the best guests, he seems to be able to keep Adam “in control” more than any other guest and it makes sense why. He’s probably a little funnier in this too

  8. benz041

    I don’t mean to be sacrilegious here, but the goat caller is the only segment in the history of loveline that I’ve ever doubted the legitimacy of. It just seems too perfect that this caller chooses a Jimmy Kimmel night, and I always thought Adam and Jimmy are way less shocked than I’d anticipate, especially in the early part of the call. . Also, Doug the goat caller seems to have a pretty good sense of comedic timing. I’ve always thought that maybe Jimmy and Adam cooked up this segment and had a buddy (Man Show writer?) call in unbeknownst to Drew (who I don’t suspect here).

    I could definitely be wrong and would be interested in your takes on it.

  9. cp

    what’s going on with Drews voice cracking up here and there on this one? They do talk about their lack of sleep, especially Drew. Guessing that’d be it.

  10. OscarMilde

    @benz041 – You’ve only doubted the legitimacy of one call ever? There are BS calls every night. They either sucked or didn’t care about catching them. Drew can pick out the bogus calls sometimes right away but other times, it’s painfully obvious that it’s fake and he’s going on and on talking to them.

  11. benz041


    Maybe my comment was a little ambiguous — I’m saying I always wondered whether this one segment may have been cooked up by the fellas (Adam and Jimmy). It just seems too perfect.

  12. rlfstr

    I think what benz041 meant when he said the goat-effer call didn’t feel legitimate was that it may have been staged by Jimmy and/or Adam and not simply a bogus call.

  13. chekhonte

    Adam and Jimmy’s chemistry just perfect pitch. I really wish they had more episodes together. There’s never been a better show for two people to just play off each other’s humor. Add retarded callers and these shows are gold.

  14. BuzzJunkie

    I made a recording of the now infamous “Angora Love” episode the weekend after it first went out! I didn’t think anyone would believe me if I told them about it!
    Where I resided, the show’s first hour would repeat after the sign-off & then during the weekend the station had the “Best Of Loveline” & replayed highlight segments from the previous week, so I have a great quality recording of this and the follow up call from an episode from the following week…
    Doug the Hill-Billy-Goat-gruff called back…
    So if anyone thinks the caller was a fake; I don’t think he was…. He called back in the following week with a surprise revelation! Anyone remember what that was??? I may have to get round to digitizing my tapes….

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