Monday, November 20th, 2000 - #1342

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

Turkey Day, Adam's answering machine, Jimmy calls in, Cranberry recipe, good story, Huell Howser rant.

This one starts just a few minutes late. Adam is in the middle of talking about answering the phone and having a black person on the other end. Anderson plays Adam's answering machine message. Apparently Adam is hanging with the black people now.

Drew points out there is a bag of cranberries sitting on the table. The bag has been in Adam's fridge for a year and they are all dried up. He says if he put it in the salad crisper he would never see it again.

Producer Ann chimes in with an article from Entertainment Magazine where Tori Spelling claims to love the canned stuff along with her mother's jello mold. Also, Billy Dee Williams says he refuses to celebrate the holiday.

Adam then gives out his beloved, extremely simple cranberry sauce recipe.

The first caller is a law student/porn actress going to a junior college and wants to get a boob job. This starts a Junior college rant. Adam drops the T word (tits) at the end of the call and Anderson has to clean it up.

Caller Paul is caught trying to tell his 45 year old grandmother's boyfriend that he is on the phone with his uncle. His sister is messing with him in his sleep and his parents are all messed up. The definition of a Halfway House is given. When asked if this is his blood sister, he reveals his 3 siblings have different fathers.

Adam explains how if he had gotten head at age 15, he would have worked it into every conversation.

Drew says he was on a plane earlier and someone brought up the time Adam had his pilot separate the almonds from the rest of his mixed nuts.

After the break, Adam says he can't stand how Jimmy doesn't like mixed nuts. Less than a minute later, Jimmy is on the phone yelling at Adam about how he gives him his mixed nuts because he doesn't want them. This turns into talking about Drew's Scantron tests and Adam's eye shades.

Tomorrow will be Adam and David Alan Grier's annual boxing work out.

Producer Ann chimes in about the time she met Adam's ex-girlfriend Cynthia and they talked about him. After Adam takes a stab at Ann's husband, he paints a hypothetical picture about the two of them being drunk in a hotel room together.

Adam and Ann mention that Drew's wife will tell stories about Drew when she is drinking at parties and it is awkward.

When Adam asks if producer Ann had to sleep with him or Drew, she says she'd sleep with Anderson"¦

There is a story about an angry client of Adam's carpentry days telling him that he is just a 90% guy. Adam's response was that he is a 70% guy who's giving him an extra 20%. This line was used in the Hammer.

There is a very long tampoon conversation. Anderson almost vomits because of it.

A caller asks about Minka. This is before she had even been on the show before. Adam says he has her card and is going to get her to come on Loveline or The Man Show.

Adam says he will make a coffee table book that just contains things that Drew has never seen or heard of.

A caller named Noel calls in with a bunch of Huell Howser audio clips. They're great!

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  1. ct

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner and this of course prompts Adam to discuss canned cranberry sauce. Adam has a hypothetical for Producer Ann about them possibly hooking up her husband were ever to go gay…er(I loled). A chick who is simultaneously studying pre-law and entering the porn industry calls with a question about implants. She is dumb as a box of rocks. An idiot caller wants Adam to somehow hook him up with Minka. Then some Huell Howser discussion with Adam ridiculing Drew for having never heard of Howser despite growing up and residing in the greater LA area his entire life.


  2. Landlubber

    Jimmy calls in when he hears Adam and Drew talking about him. He tells the story about Adam forcing an airline pilot to sort through his trailmix to show how few nuts are actually in a bag.

    Drew just randomly asks if Jimmy is high, which slightly offends him. lol.

  3. Landlubber

    Hilarious discussion between Adam, Drew, and Ann. Ann knows one of Adam’s old girlfriends and she always talked about how great Adam was in bed. Then she reveals that she knows things about Drew too. Drew is shocked by this.

    Adam: “Are you kidding me? Your wife gets a whiff of cough medicine, she starts rambling like an auctioneer. She loves embarrassing sex stories. I don’t like to get drunk with her because she tells me things. ‘I wanted to order the Spice channel up in the hotel room but he was doing a Scantron test.'”

    This leads to Adam forcing Ann to pick who she would rather have sex with between him and Drew.

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    Julie, F, 21, n/a

    Julie, 21, worried about any residiual hazards for her upcoming boob job. Julie also is in porn.

    junior college/community college


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    Jose, M, 14, CA

    caller finds a penis pump and dildo under his mom's bed and asks if he should confront her


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    Mike, M, costa mesa, CA

    is 6'10" and says he has a 3" penis and asks if there is anything he can do to increase his size.


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