Tuesday, November 14th, 2000 - #1338

Guest: Vertical Horizon

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Keith Kane & Ed Toth

Vertical horizon, I'm not familiar with their music but the guys are fantastic guests.

Adam goes off on traffic reports and drew is in Texas and he gets one of the traffic reporters to come on the air and discuss her job.

One of the guys from the band asks if anyone has ever Discussed the sexual nature to Adam and Drew's relationship?

Adam responds: "Discussed, it's been explored it's been spelunked. I have tied myself off to a rope and lowered myself down Drew's anus."

Minka, Tommy Vu and Huell Howser are all brought up.

(There is some quiet music playing beneath the recording It must be from the guy who recorded it, it's only slightly annoying.)

According to Adam his balls smell like garlic bread and Drew claims his smell like lilacs to which Adam responds "No they Don't".

Then Drew apologizes for putting GHB in Adam's drink.

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  1. Lateralus

    Vertical horizon are fans of the show and cool guys who are pretty funny at times. I think it’s been 4 or 5 straight shows (since the vandals one) where the “dude, you beat off?” Reference has been dropped

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