Wednesday, July 19th, 2000 - #1254

Guest: Molly Sims

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew, Dr. Marcel

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Show Summary:

Molly Simms from the 2nd hour only

Adam has Dr. Drew and Dr. Marcel(Suspicious!) exam his penis for warts after years of challenges from Drew, they actually gamble on the results and I won't spoil the outcome.

ProduCer ann goes out of her way to look at Adam's dong.

Molly Simms arrives for the 2nd hour and they briefly recap the exam for her.

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  1. inFRUITthe

    I still can’t believe the test results as I can only imagine what kind of ladies Adam has banged around with over the years. I am with Dr. Marcel that the results are suspect. “Oh my god there is acid all over my penis!!!!”

  2. frindle14

    its great how dr.drew rather go out to the atm than write a check for 120….you can tell adam is testing him by saying write it for 120 over and over…plus rippin on marcel….CLASSIC!!!

  3. Helix

    “You couldn’t find my anus. It’s like trying to find Santa’s mouth.” reminds me of the DAG episode with Adam trying to gross DAG out, saying things like “It’s like trrying to get penut butter out of shag carpet.” and “When I fire up the soft serve machine, it’s like running it through a dwarf’s beard.” Absolutely hilarious.

  4. Landlubber

    And so the time is now. The debate long, the participants equally unyielding to the pleas and appeals of the other. On this night the showdown would occur, a single victor crowned, the other cast into a pit of despair, left only to question his very existence. Let your eyes not wander to comments below, lest the outcome of the duel be spoiled.

    For tonight……….Drew pours acid on Adam’s cock and balls and shines a backlight on them to check for warts.

  5. Lateralus

    If you love penis you’ll love this episode lol Jk. But it was pretty funny to listen to, and drew spends the rest of the show in shock at both the size and “pristine-ness” of Adam’s Johnson

  6. proudcdnguy

    Both Dr. Drew and Adam had been building up to this event for such a long time and it finally happened! I honestly thought Adam would have HPV but I was wrong. Such a hilarious show! Adam goes on to claim that he has a “pristine penis”. Definitely a classic! 5 stars!

  7. michaelvibes

    This is a pretty funny episode. Adam gets his penis checked by Dr. Drew which they have a bet on. Good calls, but Molly Sims was really boring. I don’t think she laughed once, and barely said anything, but it was still fun regardless.

  8. Catchr

    The guest was OK, interactive enough, but doesn’t add too much.

    The real treat was every other caller perfunctorily congratulating Adam on his penis exam.

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