Tuesday, February 15th, 2000 - #1143

Guest: David Alan Grier

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

4.59 (119 votes)

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  1. Liface

    Amazing show. I normally can’t take much of DAG but he’s on his A-Game tonight. This show is the origin of the “AH HA HA AH HA HA AH HA HA HA!” drop.

  2. HarrySeaward

    I, too, generally don’t get DAG’s brand of humor but he was pretty funny in this episode. There are about 10 minutes of DAG making his notorious vomiting sound which has been played in nearly every LL episode since. Drew and Adam are laughing so hard they can barely breathe.

  3. blorgus

    Adam’s reference to that owl from the Tootsie Roll Pop commercial during the stripper lollipop call is hysterical. Been listening to the man for like 15 years at this point and still mining gems out of his work.

  4. lifewillbeok

    39:40 DAG commenting on Drew explaining what could happen as a result of anal sex: “Oh, stop. Dr. Drew! Can we have any fun in this society without you ruining it!?” Lol’d

    a good ep overall. The calls were kind of weak but some good stories.

  5. ct

    The vomiting episode. DAG at his finest. Over the top funny non stop but when a serious call comes in he knows when to turn it off and is even able to dole out some solid advice.


  6. evilfabio

    @KellyBix87, if only your warning had come before all those people listened to and voted this show into the top ten, think how much wasted time you would have saved them.

  7. logistics2

    I’m pretty sure the caller “Justin” is the same kid who called in when Violent J from ICP was on. He asked a similarly ridiculous question before J tore into him haha.

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  • call



    Tony, M, 20

    Wants to know if it's possible that his girlfriend had 13 orgasms in one sitting.


  • call



    Zach, M, 15

    Girlfriend wants to see other people



  • call



    Justin, M, 15

    Wants to know if he still has his virginity if he's masturbated.

    masturbation virginity


  • call



    Kelly, F, 29, Unknown

    Wants to know if it is possible to fall in love with someone you have never meet, only talked on the phone and written letters to each other



  • call



    Michael, M

    Adam: "...world's dumbest jew"


  • call



    Jim, M, 17

    Ex-girlfriend stalking caller. Drew and Adam kind of forget about him because David Alan Grier goes off on his stupid rant again.


  • call



    Shannon, F, 16

    Raped 1 month prior to call in Las Vegas. Molested as a child for 6 years, nearly every day. She is hesitant to tell her mom about the rape.


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