Tuesday, February 1st, 2000 - #1133

Guest: Majandra Delfino

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

From the TV show Roswell

The first episode chronologically is Majandra Delfino from Roswell solo, Very funny episode they end up gambling on a call and Majandra has no money so she throws in a ralph's receipt which contains baby food, silly putty, a packet of paratroopers and seventeen magazine Adam then goes on a Jag about how stoned one must be in order to buy all of these bizarre items.

Hilarious episode I have heard it half a dozen times.

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  1. Catchr

    a full moon night, plenty of callers interrupted. they actually managed to successfully call up someone’s girlfriend and then later talk civilly to another caller’s mom. the guest is fairly engaged.

  2. HarrySeaward

    Good calls. 2 or 3 really good ones right in the middle of the show. A 14yo calls in to ask about his small penis. Adam and Drew start talking to him in code asking him about his small dog. Drew asks him if it’s a short haired dog and confuses everyone.

    Towards the end of the show, Drew: “This is the worst night ever”

    Not sure if this show is in the wrong spot or the next show, but at the end Adam says Matt Pinfield will be in “tomorrow night” so either there was a cancellation or there is a slot missing.

  3. goldenratio

    dumb blond guest commits fatal error and steps all over the beginning of Adams rant and brings him to screeching halt, nothing aggregates him more then that and he holds back and rolls right over it, of course she’s clueless, Drew gets screamed at for doing this many times

  4. BMacC

    I don’t understand @KarlsFriend‘s comment, she basically just sat there and listened, didn’t seem to talk that excessively at all, to me… go listen to guest Jessica Cauffiel on the 06-24-2004 show if you think this guest was annoying haha…. I thought this was great show overall, and I also, loved the call where they speak in code for the kid HAHA

  5. sccapro7

    The guest was horrible. Had absolutely nothing to say. Very boring lady. How is she famous…o she’s not.

    On the other hand. These were some of the best calls on loveline ever. Everyone’s parents were busting them for being on the phone late at night

    The caller wondering why his gf doesn’t ejaculate like a man during orgasm is hands down top 5 best phone calls of all time

  6. Sejura

    Majandra only sort of became involved with the callers, but at least she wasn’t as annoying as some of the other guests can be.
    Lots of funny callers.

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Calls & Tags (11)

  • call



    Peace, F, 14

    Had threesome with boyfriend (17) and his best friend (18). Gambling call.

    gambling (on the history of the caller) threesomes/partner-swapping/swinging


  • call



    Tim, M, 15

    Can penis be broken/snapped like a bone?


  • call



    Tina, F, 22

    Drunk sleepwalking urinating in odd places. Blackouts.

    addiction alcohol


  • call



    Mike, M, 16

    G/f using drugs while pregnant. Cross addiction.

    abortion addiction cocaine/crack heroin pregnancy rehab treatment


  • call



    Ryan, M, 18, Fresno, CA

    Wants to lower sex drive because his girlfriend lives an hour away and doesn't want sex.

    long-distance sex drive/libido


  • call



    Ryan/Ty, M, 18, Fresno, CA

    Part 2. They get the girlfriend on the line.



  • call



    Paul, M

    Paintball injury to the testicles.

    Bakersfield puberty


  • call



    Chris, M, 14, Bakersfield, CA

    Is worried about the size of his penis. First they talk to his mom. Then, since she's listening, they use "code".



  • call



    Rose, F, 23

    Caller is addicted to phone sex. She is also very slow.

    phone sex sex addiction


  • call



    Jonathan, M, 21

    Caller's girlfriend doesn't have a "juicy" orgasm. Can't seem to understand that men have sperm, but women don't.

    female ejaculation


  • call



    Rose, F, 23

    Part 2. After she had her time out for having a bad attitude. they come back to her.

    phone sex sex addiction


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