Sunday, December 26th, 1999 - #1106

Guest: no guest

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

John from SOAD calls in, Taboo II

This is the show where Adam first says the line "MOM I'M SO MAD AT YOU." This line turns into a recurring drop throughout the rest of Adam's days on Loveline.

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  1. shalywell

    Not likely this show is the day after xmas. It must be a week later. These guys wouldn’t be back to work so quickly.
    But about 18 minutes in Adam says System of a Down were guests 3 weeks prior and your records lists this as 11/30/99.

  2. Lateralus

    Honestly have never heard Adam so “giddy.” I really loved this episode for some reason. I got 8 hours of sleep from 7pm-3am and listened in the the middle of the night before school. Very chill couple hours haha

  3. BMacC

    Adam left early to pick up his elusive, holy-grail of porno tapes, Taboo 2, from John of SOAD. En route to John’s on the 405, from his cell phone Adam does an entire segment w/ Drew, taking calls and everything, and he’s somehow even funnier on the celly, great radio!

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