Tuesday, July 13th, 1999 - #988

Guest: Heather Kozar

Host: Adam, Dr. Bruce

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  1. unclepenny

    ***Now she does***

    – Dr. Bruce in studio, Adam forgets where Drew is, Bruce in for the rest of the week.
    3:00 Shelby talk
    5:50 Bruce gets yelled at for eating during the show.
    12:00 Adam starting to get into the DVD porn from Jenna Jameson.
    16:40 Bruce gets yelled at for a marker not working when he has to pick the calls.
    28:00 Weird kid hides under beds/tables, collects beanie baby toys and has screwed up parents.
    30:00 Adam interested in Heather’s older sister
    33:20 Caller tries to give Bruce some kudos
    41:00 Adam discovers a mysterious expired Viagra package in the studio.
    49:30 Adam thinks Heather should marry him.
    1:03:00 “We need people not to go to college” rant, Bruce talks about his university and then gets yelled at for not picking a call.
    1:07:45 Worst job ever – guy at a driving range wearing a helmet and has a mattress strapped to his back collecting golf balls with a rake.
    1:11:55 Adam wants a band named “Homicidal Lesbians” or “Suicidal Lesbian” but doesn’t want to get more flack from G.L.A.D. He then yells at Bruce for his pager beeping.
    1:23:30 Jules was on last week. Adam wanted to move to Canada with him.
    1:32:00 Adam alludes to Bruce badmouthing the MTV Loveline show

  2. Lateralus

    Nothing special out of her. Unfair how she gets a 427 cobra for showing her nips I mean I can do the same haha. For car guys it’s weird how Adam said Carroll Shelby would only live for another 5 years. He lived to race his twin turbo’d ford GT in the salt flats for beyond that. RIP.

  3. rlfstr

    Caller: “I recently found out my husband had the opportunity to be with two women before we got married, but he turned it down…”
    Adam: “Was that in his suicide note?”

    Haha, one of my fave Adam jabs in a while.

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