Monday, April 26th, 1999 - #932

Guest: Coolio

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

3.91 (22 votes)

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  1. Lateralus

    I knew I’d really like this episode. Within the first minute and a half, there was an influx of out of context Drew drops. Coolio showed up late and left early to go to a naught by nature concert. You down with O.P.P! Although it is annoying having a guest leave early. In the episodes before this Adam awaits Coolios request to put him in a movie but he offers to put him in a TV show this time. He’s a little more insightful than I expected. After he leaves I was cracking up during the butt plug and Anne’s propane powered vibrator talk. Very enjoyable episode

  2. JMoriarty

    0:44:40 It’s a repertitive but that gets me everytime

    Coolio: “Where you from, girl?”

    Caller: “I’m from Oakland.”

    Coolio: “Oh okay. East Oakland?”

    Caller: “yeeah.”

    Coolio: ” Eastside. Eastsidee!! EASTSIDEEEEE!!!”

    Adam: “Drew, please, enough with the Eastside. Coolio’s trying to talk.”

    I laughed out loud.

    Fun episode.

  3. absolutdre

    I don’t know what the hell everyone’s problem is on here. Yeah Coolio left early but while he was there he was real cool. He was engaging, he was funny and he and Adam seemed to really gel well together and he gave out some pretty good advice. You can’t ask for more than that in a guest.

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