Tuesday, June 16th, 1998 - #708

Guest: Blink-182

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

Show contains: Origin of Hobo Power

This one starts with a reference to Adam's Wonder Mop he bought at 4:00 AM from and infomercial. He is complaining about a lumber company that won't let him purchase and order of lumber unless he comes down to the store in person. He tried doing it over the phone, giving them his credit card number but they refuse to order it unless he comes in to the store in person. He got the manager on the phone. The guy flips out and ends up loosing Adam as a long time customer.

14 year-old Chris calls back from last night. He has a creepy friend whose parents encourage him to give girls ginseng to attract them to him. His classmates complain to him about the kid and some teachers even know what's going on. Adam and Drew's advice is to stop hanging out with the guy.

They break a bit early and the band is in the studio when they come back. Apparently they came up to Adam and Drew at the KOME concert and they were in a bad mood and accidently ignored them thinking they were just random annoying kids.

Caller Olivia says she wants to go to a concert in Sacramento but then tells them her parents won't let her. Adam deems her question as being the lamest one ever.

Hillary has an odd problem. When she's on her period she gets very hyper and once actually started doing laps around her classroom. People though she was on LSD. Adam suggests when a girl is on her period, they wear some kind of a red piney like football quarterbacks so they can be avoided.

Calica who is 16 starts her call by telling Blink 182 she doesn't listen to them but instead worships Marilyn Manson. Adam tells her she will be embarrassed about this years later but she is in complete denial. She was on Trazodone and feels weird after being taken off of it. She can't sleep and is now taking Paxil. She ends the call by saying she has an altar and a statue of Marilyn Manson. She's driving her grandmother nuts.

When a caller mentions a girl he met smelling bad, Adam comes up with hobo power. The band loves it. The funny thing is Drew says they'll probably forget all about it soon.

Adam tells a great Ray story. They were taking the trash out at him mom's apartment, Ray walked to the dumpster but Adam followed a little bit after him because he got caught up talking to Ray's brother. Ray hid then dove out screaming to scare Adam but it was actually a short old lady. When Adam got down there, the woman was in tears. This causes more stories to be told involving a reference to "brewing." After describing the technique, Drew says it may be really bad for Adam's prostate.

When interior design comes up, they discover both the band and Adam are fans of the gay guy from Interior Motives. They were all watching it earlier in the day. Engineer Mike plays the "Look for the areas, fill that space," drop. Ann says she will try to get him to come on the show. FYI, the guy's name is Christopher Lowell.

The guys ask Travis what he wants in a girl. His answer is that all he wants is a friend. They do not approve of his answer and go to break so he can think about it.

The song Josie is played. After the song, Mark comes back a few seconds late right after they start to discuss his warts.

Daniel who is 23 starts by telling Adam and Drew she listens to them every night and has never heard of the band before. Her question is about having orgasms while asleep.

14 year-old Eva asks when Fiona Apple will be on the show again. Adam messes with her until Producer Ann comes in and says they don't know. It seems like Eva is trying to be quiet so nobody hears her so things get a bit complicated. It started as her cutting on herself then turned into her friend's cutting habit but then she says she's using that just as an example. It's very confusing. Drew asks if he's ever been in a mental hospital and she says it's been recommended. Drew suggests she gets some help because it's such a serious issue. Adam points out how much they could tell from her voice.

Caller Kristen is 28. She has to get drug tested and wants to know how long the THC from marijuana gets out of her system. Drew says a max of 2 weeks. She mentions her husband smoking and worrying about second hand smoke, but Drew says that's very doubtful. Adam jumps in and says unless he did what Mark does to his dog when he smokes. He holds the dog's mouth shut and blows the smoke in his nose.

22 year-old Frank feels like he's two different people when masturbating. After finishing he is disgusted at himself. While this is normal, Frank takes it to a new level. He'll toss an adult video in the trash after viewing it but then dig it out of there at a later time. After some more talking, it is revealed that Frank discovered porn at the age of 12. At the end of the call Adam makes a great pun using the word "issues."

The do a call back to Hobo Power and work out the details of the new measuring method.

Mark tells a very bizarre yet funny story about the time he walked in on his parents doing it. The images are permanently burned into his brain but he's not sure what happened after that. There is another story about a little sister who had to take a shower with her dad. From the other room the rest of the family heard "I told you not to grab onto that when you slip!!!" Weird stuff.

13 year-old Brice got kicked in the nuts earlier in the day. He actually went to him mother who is a doctor and had her take him to the ER. The band gives him props for actually going into the hospital.

Engineer Mike is on fire with the drops tonight. The next caller calls Adam the Philosopher Warrior and Ace Rockolla. The caller went to a blink 182 show where they had girls through their bras on stage at the end. He then says Tom picked up a girl's underwear and stuck him fingers in his mouth. They discuss the health risks of doing this, using Hobo Power.

Over the break Adam was telling the band they need to be careful of your actions, such as the Natalie from the Dixie Chicks incident. He tells them not to act guilty.

16 year-old Scott gives Blink 182 a backhanded compliment. He saw them once three years ago and said he thought they were pretty bad. He also says he thinks they've gotten a lot better though. Scott's problem is a girl came to his place but freaked out after seeing his lizard and other reptile collection. He goes into how many creatures he has and what he feeds them. Right before they were going to let him go, Scott's mother came into the room and yelled out a big "F" word.

The last caller has an interesting call. Brandon who is 15 lost his house in a fire. He went to a concert and go to meet the band backstage and got autographs and pictures. I wish they would have gotten more into it but they were almost out of show. He has a new house and all is good.

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  1. panaqua

    Once again, Drew actually came up with the concept – he says “like horsepower”, not Adam. Just like “wafflecrapper”, Drew comes up with it, Adam runs with it.

  2. kainaro

    Drew kinda comes up with the concept of “hobo power” but I think its actually one of the Blink 182 guys that says the actual words right before Adam picks it up.

  3. MoreAnimalThanMan

    All of these years later it’s awesome to discover that it was indeed actually Drew who inspired the creation of the famed “Hobo Power” he is the first one to speak the words Hobo Power, which would occasionally grace the show over the next eight years. Hobo power for the un-initiated is a form of stink/smell measurement on a 1-100 scale.

    Not entirely sure of the date/time but many months/years later there is a caller who claims his friend has reached “50 hobo power” which was described by the caller as “a fart which was so bad it caused instantaneous vomiting while OUTSIDE”

    100 hobo power has never been achieved in nature, but is perceived to be death-inducing. Would love someone to find that episode.

  4. bluestrife28

    Yaaaas! The inception of hobo power. I never knew Drew initiated it but it’s funny to hear how he says they’ll forget all about it and it became canon for the rest of their show 😃

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    Bryton, M

    His friend kicked him in the testicles very hard and they swelled up. Went to a hospital but wants to know how long until swelling stops.


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