Tuesday, March 31st, 1998 - #653

Guest: Morrell Twins

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

This is the episode where the infamous "a ha ha ha haaa" drop that is played after someone says how big their dork is came from. The two twin sisters bring various friends of theirs into the studio throughout the show and are incredibly annoying. Adam doesn't care too much as he keeps asking them to flash him.

Carmen attempts to do a psychic reading of Adam's wallet but Adam has engineer Mike shut her mic off. One of the twins announces she dated Gunner Nelson. Adam makes fun of Gunner. A clip of this is played back when the Gunners are guests on the show not too long after this one.

Adam plugs their latest movie and announces that he owns it. They try to take a call but the girls won't stop talking, even though their mics are off. The caller tells Drew he's getting wittier. They go to a break and Adam convinces one of the girls to flash him. Adam is insulted by being told he has pubic hair on his hear. One of the girls claims she was "young, dumb and full of cum," at age 19.

After some more Nelson bashing

Adam asks producer Ann if she can book them.

Drew gets fired up about narcissistic parents.

He also pretends not to look when Adam gets flashed again going into the next break. A guy calls in who was set up with a girl on

the February 14th show. Drew goes to say something and one of the girls ironically tells him to let the guy finish. Adam and Drew name a few famous people such as Buzz Aldrin, who one of the girls knew walked on the moon and Henry Kissinger who according to them was "like a president."

Apparently Weird Al wanted to be a virgin until he got married. While Carla and Donna are apparently getting it on in the bathroom, Lisa, producer Ann and the rest of the girls go to investigate with Drew's tape recorder.

Adam threatens to kick his dad in the nuts for not buying him a guitar when he was 5 and then goes on to attack Gunner Nelson again. It turns out he was given a Cartia watch and sold it for hair transplants.

Right at 52:37 is where you will hear the "a ha ha ha haaa," drop. A girl named Kerry was on hold for 125 minutes but never got through, perhaps Kerry O'ferris?? Hopefully, (she deserves it). Right at the end the word "cock" gets through.

Comments (23)

  1. T3TRiS

    Headache show, entertaining but I’ll never listen to it again.
    Those girls just can’t shut up, I guess this would’ve been more interesting to watch than listen to.

  2. Pulseczar

    These two broads quickly go back and forth between very dumb and very bitchy. They are extremely combative with Adam and various callers. It is an interesting listen, but the guests clearly need more psychological help than any of the callers that night.

  3. leisuresuitbruce

    The famous laugh drop comes at 1:03:48 when one twin makes a joke about her income and the other one laughs. Adam: how much money are you guys worth?, twin 1: about 400cc (referring to breast implants), twin 2 ha ha ha haaaaaa.

    Morrell twins are the classic insulting hot chicks who we can’t wait till their beauty fades so they have to deal with reality. Only reason Adam does not dismiss them is they show breast.

    Allways amazes me that chicks who gained fame and fortune by posing nude get confused and disgusted why guys want to see their tits.

    Drew begs to talk more to a caller about a dangerous pregnancy and but between Adams cracks and the yakking bitches, the caller gives up.

    Adam keeps begging to see their tits and they begrudgingly comply. He trades promo plugs for tit flashes.

  4. L

    The girls may have been talkative and even annoying at times, but they had some good advice and some right-on instincts on a few calls. No need to call them “bitches” and “broads.” They were never “bitchy,” either- no one was being serious or reactive. They were being no more spunky than Adam. It’s a silly show, but no need to attack these women for being goofballs.

  5. Lateralus

    This is why playboy women shouldn’t be famous… Just photographed… I was anticipating the laugh as well which was pretty funny… I can imagine the “let me see your cock” part as a drop too if the FCC wasn’t involved hehe

  6. jonzini

    @ rlfstr, you shouldn’t insult a walrus like that. The quality of the recording is fine, unfortunately, but the show is impossible to listen to. The “you should screen your guests” comment had me laughing out loud.

  7. queenrocks77

    Holy crap these women are random… Most of the time I have no idea what’s going on… I like how Adam can just say anything to anyone… and it usually goes over their heads!

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