Monday, January 19th, 1998 - #602

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

This show takes place one day after the doggy night/James the zoosexual one. Drew did some research but didn't come up with much. Adam recaps the show and says allot of people were upset with the guy.

Adam mentions he wants to transport all kids to Fiji to be raised by Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad.

Adam complains about high schools being 9th-12th grade instead of just 10, 11, and 12. He also makes fun of Drew's Little Lord Fauntleroy School for Albino Hemophiliacs

A caller says his girlfriend is "born" (boring) and "she don't talk when they're together." Also, he doesn't want to break up with the girl because he's interested in her sister.

Adam says his dog is in the studio. Apparently the dog took a dump on some of their equipment.

Adam didn't name the dog yet. He later decides on "Latsie." Drew talks about his Siberian Husky named Ivan.

Adam describes magazine ads for medicine that show a happy guy repelling down a mountain followed by a ton of small print that lists all the horrible side effects. He also brings up having an MRI done so he can get surgery on his hand.

A guy calls who used to listen to the show in jail. Adam talks about how the time when he did carpet cleaning felt like jail. He also says that his ex-coworker Everlast was currently incarcerated.

While they're talking to a squirrely caller named Justin, Adam's dog starts barking and you can hear it in the background. At first it sounds like a drop.

Drew does the show solo for a bit while Adam is outside walking the dog.

Adam explains why he would be horrible at interviewing people on the red carpet at the golden globe awards.

Caller Wade has allot of huevos for copping a feel on a drama club field trip to the theatre. Producer Ann chimes in with her opinion on this call. Drew is outraged while Adam and Ann are not.

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  1. Lateralus

    I don’t really understand Ann… A dude sucks off his dog and she’s calling him a lotta names and a dude potentially molested a girl and Ann thinks it’s more ok… Not good

  2. Landlubber

    More talk about James the Zoosexual from the night before. That got me thinking about what became of him. Then I thought what became of all these crazy kids who call this show. They should track some of the more interesting or memorable callers and have a Loveline reunion/update show.

    Did James become a serial killer? We can have print shop Eric do Adam impressions while the phone sex operator talks about the holocaust. Drew can snack on a big sack of moths while Adam lights his farts. Pan Pan can provide any cutlery the party needs. You know DAG would just show up and yell over everyone else the whole time and ruin though.

  3. Landlubber

    Spoiler alert about Adam’s dog Lotzi that’s in studio with them tonight. Adam takes Lotzi to the vet to be spayed when she’s 6-months-old. The afternoon he’s supposed to go pick her up, the vet calls and tells Adam she’s dead. Something goes wrong and they accidentally kill his goddamn puppy. He talks about it in his book In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks.

    Pretty damn sad. Interesting to hear Lotzi barking and shitting and pissing all over the studio. Perfect dog for Adam.

  4. BMacC

    Just from hearing them talk about previous night’s show on this show, I had to go listen to previous night’s show for 2nd time… on an unrelated note, Engineer Mike sucks balls, hail Anderson

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