Sunday, December 7th, 1997 - #571

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

Adam discusses his dining experience at a Fat Burger at 2am after KROQ's acoustic Christmas. According to Adam, the song "Sky High" by Jigsaw came on while he was at the restaurant, and he led all the patrons in Fat Burger on a sing along at 2am.

Adam sings and discusses other Jigsaw songs and the song "Drivers Seat".

Engineer Mike actually shows one of the phone screener's how to operate the board so he can run to his apartment and pick up his best of the 70s CD.

Later on there is a rendition of the song "Brother Louie."

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  1. Minarets36

    Singing “Sky High” drunk at Fat Buger At 2:30
    you know your life has taken a turn when you (Adam) are 33 ( at the time) and sneaking beer into a restaurant.
    – Adam talks about introducing the bands to the crowd at the concert and..go!
    LouieLouieLouieLouieLouieLouieLouieLouieLouieLouieLouie – Listen to this episode and try not to laugh it can’t be done.

  2. Landlubber

    Adam discusses his theory about bisexuality in males. This would become one of his theories that he espoused many times over the years, but this may be the first time he’s talked about it.

    He says that men who are bisexuals are actually just in a transition to full-blown gay. He doesn’t say it in this episode but later on when he talks about it he says it’s just a man saying “bye-bye” to heterosexuality. In this episode he says he calls bisexual men “half-mos”.

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