Sunday, October 26th, 1997 - #541

Guest: Sugar Ray

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

3.80 (20 votes)

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  1. godslefthand

    Not a bad episode! Sugar Ray is intelligent, engaging, and seems to play well off of Adam and Drew. Early into the broadcast adam revisits the coffee can story and also spins a yarn about the time Drew threatened to eat onions (which evidently give him horrible gas) in order to get back at Carolla for farting in their limousine.

    The good Doctor later admits that his carpets don’t match his drapes ifyouknowwhatimean

  2. pirate-astronaut

    Great episode: loved the bit about drew getting super serious in the back of the limo “Don’t F with me…”

    Also, at some point one of the guys from sugar ray puts a great read on Drew about how he owes his success to a form of abuse from his parents’ pushy expectations, very interesting exchange. The band is off the wall and gets zanier as the show progresses 🙂

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