Wednesday, October 22nd, 1997 - #539

Guest: Charles Fleischer

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

Charles is a comedian who was on welcome back kotter and is the voice of Roger Rabbit, this episode starts in somewhere near the second hour of the show, possibly the after the 3rd commercial break.

Charles is promoting a educational Science CD ROM he developed and comments that Roger Rabbit 2 has been greenlit and will be out sometime before the Millennium.

Adam asks for a V/O gig on the project and Charles does a quick impression of Adam, the vocal quality of the impression is off but the inflection is dead on, He claims that Adam has a wilting quality to his voice, similar to Jack Nicholson.

The first caller of the recording is Emma a 23yr old virgin, apparently the guys had been gambling on callers earlier in the night and still have the cash on the table.

Adam "..That is Bizarre..", out of nowhere Charles asks Emma about her dreams and she begins to tell one of the top 10 most disturbing stories in LL history, at the time Adam and Drew claim it to be the most terrifying.

Emma recounts having nightmare as a child of a man standing over her bed and then waking up screaming for her parents, but they weren't nightmare after following a noise one night she went down to the basement with of the large house and found a man living in her crawl space, her dog attacked the man and her father came running down to help and was stabbed by the crazed man, the man was the one coming into her room, he had cigarettes, condoms and a collection of her underwear.

She quickly tells the story but Adam has her retell it beat by beat and Engineer Mike lays in some killer drops.

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  1. pastahero

    Indeed one of the wildest calls in LL history. I wish they had spent even more time on Emma. Like, what did the guy do for food and whatnot?

    On a lighter note, Charles plugs his daughter’s boyfriend’s band: Phantom Planet. They must have been 14 or something.

  2. t101mhz

    Surprised the shutter sounds being picked up on the mics didn’t drive Adam crazy, with his hypervigilance. But then this is a fairly earlier show, and he may not have come into his full vicorness yet.

  3. knucklhd

    So I’m sitting there listening to Emma,completely freaked out, chills running up and down my spine, when Adam says…

    Anybody else got a chill running up their spine?

    That could quite possibly be the most fucked up loveline call ever. Not as over-the-top with abject, white-trash “goriness”, if you will, as some others…but this one is like, from the mind of Edgar Allen Poe. Worth listening to this show just for that.

    By the way, no chance he didn’t do horrible things to her that she’s suppressed.

  4. koalanotbear

    Is it just me or do a lot of callers either call repeatedly with different names or sound completely alike?

    the first caller, Emma, reminded me of a caller by the name of Kit (from earlier in the year) who had a horrible family life and whose step dad was coming onto her. The same combative, disassociated tone, as Drew puts it.

    Another caller from this episode, “Wendy” “27” at the 0:29:53 mark complaining of some odd pain during sex and ends up being a total nutjob has the same smoky, raspy voice and cadence as a caller from the 09/18/97 Fiona Apple episode at the 0:52:50 mark going by “Pat” “41” who calls to bitch about the boys not chastising kids for referring to their parents as ‘domineering’, when they did just that. She sounded like a domineering nutjob too, btw. Does anyone else notice this? I might be off base, but these are glaring coincidences to me.

  5. Landlubber

    Koalanotbear, it’s not just you. There are people who call in under different names, the most notorious of them being a chick named Miriam. You’ll see her name pop up in the comment section on many different episodes. Some of them are false-positives, like spotting Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, but she definitely called in a bunch of times.

  6. pastahero

    I notice that sort of thing. The legendary “Drunk Marcus” made most of his earlier calls as Trevor (probably his real name), but also Damon, Dale and even Julius. His final call, a few days after the Jeremy McGrath show, was as Brandon, but by then he was too recognizable to call back.

  7. BMacC

    This is one of best Loveline’s I’ve ever heard, Sensational story,… and THE GUEST ends up asking the key question that opens up Pandora’s Box about 43 min in…..seriously insane shit….. Adam: “This is officially the spookiest call we’ve ever gotten on Loveline”

    Also, Charles is incredibly talented at impressions, hilarious.

  8. falb7

    Incredible episode filled with disturbed callers including Emma of course….. I’m very early in the CLL feed but I rue the day when they stop gambling on callers. Too damn funny.

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    Emma, F, 23

    Virgin. Doesn't like when her boyfriend wrestles with her. When she was 9, she had dreams of a guy pulling the covers off her.


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