Monday, October 13th, 1997 - #532

Guest: Jenica Bergere & Dina Spybey

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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From the TV show Men Behaving Badly

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  1. godslefthand

    Drew also briefly talks about his religious beliefs and recalls a story when he and Adam encountered a “walking stick” insect. While admiring its natural adaptations the good doctor said “if you want to have a belief in god believe in at least time, and that the power of time plus life equals infinite variablity of adaptation”

  2. pirate-astronaut

    I enjoyed this show. Guests contributed to calls, played along with drew and adam, and added their own zany sense of humor. Not to mention, very open about their sexuality and personal beliefs, they really brought out a side of the hosts that i had never seen before 🙂

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